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When calls the Open heartland with Kevin Mcgarry

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Kevin McGarry and I sit down to talk about all things when calls the heart, a little bit about heartland, how he got his start with "open heart". I just got to say there's a lot of heart in this interview and with this young man. We have a special guest stop by Kayla Wallace. We get into, What inspires Kevin, what drives him, some about a charity that he's connected and a little bit about his acting process, plus much more. So sit back and relax with this armchair conversation on the many hearts of Kevin McGarry.

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Paul Greene  0:08  

Welcome to "The Grass is Greener." I'm your host, Paul Greene. Today, on this episode I have Kevin McGarry. You know him from "Heartland" as Mitch. You also know him as Constable Nathan Grant. But what brought him into the picture--into all of your living rooms--was a role that he got when...his first role was also on a show where there's a lot of hearts called "Open Heart," Dr. Timothy Hudson. So he's a Canadian, he's a Pisces. He's from Kincardine and there's a connection there with Andrea Brooks, which we get into just out a little bit. Kevin is hilarious. And one of my favorites in there Vancouver and around the show when we see him and sometimes get to spend time off set. He's very down to earth. Actually, he's Kate's favorite. I think we get into it. He's my number like four or five. But I still like him. And Kevin was in Toronto when we recorded this on zoom. There's a video coming out shortly on YouTube, which is at PaulGreeneofficial where you'll see the full video and we had some technical difficulties off the bat, which are kind of funny, but we worked through them and we had a surprise guest. Maybe Kayla Wallace popped in to say "hi" a couple times. The video was great. It's coming out in a few days on YouTube. Please subscribe there; please subscribe here. And rate and review here on iTunes. I'm excited to have you along for this conversation with the marvelous, the handsome, and really quite, quite quite a trickster really, always up for a good time. Really grateful to have them here and on our show. Hearties are gonna love this. Heartlanders are gonna love this. Open hearters are gonna love this. It's got a lot of heart, as does my guest. So stay tuned for Kevin McGarry.


Oh, look at that guy.


Look at that guy.


Kevin McGarry  2:09  

Can I do it this way?


Paul Greene  2:12  

Yeah, that's better. That's better that way.


Kevin McGarry  2:14  

All right. What's up, man?


Paul Greene  2:17  

Well, you know,


Kevin McGarry  2:17  

Are we recording right now?


Paul Greene  2:20  

It's Yeah, it automatically records but let me pause it and let's just figure out what we're gonna what you don't want to talk about. All right, now I'm recording again.


Kevin McGarry  2:29  

Should have like an opening like you're on the air with Paul. Or know...


Paul Greene  2:34  

You're on the air. But yeah, no, no, I do. I do have an opening. But it's like, I usually like this is my opening. Welcome to "The Grass is Greener" with Paul Greene.


Kevin McGarry  2:45  

Welcome to the Jungle. Welcome to the Jungle and wild things. We're on one side of the grass.


Paul Greene  2:59  

Let me just adjust something here.


Kevin McGarry  3:01  

I can't change my face, Paul. This is just how I am. So I can put a mask on. I can put some sunglasses on.


Paul Greene 3:10  

Alright, I have a setting that can make you more handsome.


Kevin McGarry  3:12  

Oh yeah, I need that. Put double that one.


Paul Greene 3:16  

I like that you iron. I like how you ironed your shirt for me today.


Kevin McGarry  3:21  

I've been wearing. I've been wearing this for four days. So


Unknown Speaker  3:25  

And that's how you know it's it's pretty good for four days.


Kevin McGarry  3:29  

You can't smell it from here.


Paul Greene  3:32  

Look at that. Look at that unintentional bicep that


Kevin McGarry  3:35  

you can put this in slow motion, right and I try to get


Paul Greeene  3:40  

I'm just smelling my armpit. You know, they they teach you that in modeling school. How to smell your--you look like you're smelling your armpit. But you're flexing


Kevin McGarry  3:47  

You know that I didn't I never went to modeling school. But I did I was I did model when I first came to Toronto, I was not good at it. I mean, I know Paul Greene. But the only thing I really got down was on the like the catwalk walk or whatever it is the runway walk about sliding it like putting your shoulders back to slide off the jacket and then like over the over the shoulder in one move. You didn't do that?


Unknown Speaker  4:13  

Wait, you learned how to do that without modeling school? It's just so dumb that


Kevin McGarry  4:17  

I did modeling for a hot second. And and that was that was that was the most useful thing I learned in modeling school, I would say.


Unknown Speaker  4:26  

Was how on the runway, how to slide the jacket off your shoulder?


Kevin McGarry  4:31  

Yeah. That's what I got.


Paul Greene  4:33  

Well, I mean, this that's something I didn't know about you. I didn't know that you were a male model. Was it? It was it Zellers?  


Kevin McGarry  4:41  

It was Sears. I think I did like a Sears. And I remember I grew up in like I'm from a small town and you know it back then it was we had the Sears wish book. And they were like, "McGarry's in the wish book." He's like, page 170 or whatever it was.  


Paul Greene  4:58  

Right. And what?


Kevin McGarry  5:04  

And I was I was a big deal for a couple hours. That's all.


Paul Greene  5:08  

But aren't you? Aren't you still a big deal? Didn't they make you the mayor of Kincardine? Or Kincardine?


Kevin McGarry  5:13  

That's it. Yeah.  


Paul Greene  5:15  

They gave you the--


Kevin McGarry  5:16  

I have the key Do you want to see it?


Paul Greene  5:20  

Did they give you the key to the city?


Kevin McGarry 5:21  

The city is a strong word. They gave me the key to the only. I don't know, the only building we have in there. No, it's like 5000 people. You actually you know what, there is a friend of mine and she became a very famous model. Her name is Jessica Stan. And she was from Kincardine, and that's kind of they're big. They're big. She's much more famous than I am. She did the runway. She's she was a big, big model.  


Paul Greene  5:48  

I know her.  


Kevin McGarry  5:49  

Oh, you know her?


Paul Greene  5:50  

Yeah, not like personally, but doesn't Andrea Brooks have some history with your town?  


Kevin McGarry  5:54  

Yes. Well, Andrea has her aunt I believe has a house there. So can Kincardine. Just drive the nail in Kincardine about how small it is. We have something called Old Boys. Which every 10 years everybody who was ever born in  Kincardine comes back to Kincardine And it's like, pardon my it's, it's it's a bit of a shit show. It is it's um, you know, we there's you know, you have a couple of lollipops, for the whole weekend. And there's a shirttail parade where everybody gets dressed up in goofy costumes and walks the walk the main strip and we all meet down to the baseball diamonds where Andrea's aunt has a house somewhere around there. And anyways, I guess Andrea was at one of these we didn't know each other then, but she was there.


Paul Greene  6:43  

Well yeah, she told me that. I had her on this podcast a few days ago and because it's audio, let me just turn off my fan because it's hot in here.  


Kevin McGarry  6:50  

I can't hear you.


Paul Greene  6:51  

It's really hot in Cali.  


Kevin McGarry  6:52  

No, I need the fan. I need the fan. My only one.


Paul Greene  6:55  

So just because this is guest today is Kevin...What's your last name? Mc-Mc Garry?  


Kevin McGarry  7:02  

That's it. That's how you pronounce it. McGarry.  


Paul Greene  7:06  

And Kevin is an actor and a real estate mogul.


Kevin McGarry  7:10  

That's it. I've got a lot of it. I got I can't wait. I've been really wanting to talk about my my predictions of what's going to happen.


Paul Greene  7:17  

Right That's why you're here. It's about I want to talk to you about Bitcoin about coin. I just want to talk about all your investments and your love life and that's about it. Like there's Kevin McGarry is, is on the hit show "When Calls the Heart" and he's also he's is what else do you do? Kevin is my guest today. And it's really good to have you on the show, man. I'm glad that you you're eating. What are you eating? Well, for those of you listening just by podcast, we had a glitch here where we lost audio. Right when a surprise guest, Kayla Wallace, popped in so you're gonna have to check the YouTube video to see what happened but we enter right back in here. Part B of Kevin McGarry. We're back. Hi, you.


Kayla Wallace  8:07  

Hi. Good to see you.


Paul Greene  8:09  

Good. Good. Good to see you too. What a surprise. And what a treat. Look at you guys.


Kevin McGarry  8:14  

Yeah. I thought this was my podcast and you're coming in.  


Kayla Wallace  8:17  

Sorry. April Fool's It's really my podcast.  


Kevin McGarry  8:21  

I know


Paul Greene  8:23  

I was pretty sure you were messing with me. It is totally something you would do where you're like, "What? What? I can't I can't hear anything."  


Kevin McGarry  8:30  

Yeah, that's a great one.Although we can't April Fool's here. It's past you can only until noon, right?  


Kayla Wallace  8:35  



Paul Greene  8:35  

What is that? What do you What are you talking about?


Kevin McGarry  8:38  

April Fool's is only until noon. You can't until after that. You're just being a jerk.  


Paul Greene  8:44  

Did you guys do anything? Did you mess with each otWelher yet?


Kevin McGarry  8:49  



No, I guess. Not appropriately. But maybe there might have been something. Yeah.


Paul Greene  8:59  

Yes. some some some form of...Where are you? Are you in Toronto or near Toronto?


Kevin McGarry  9:04  

We're in Toronto right now. We're heading west.


On Monday.


Paul Greene  9:09  

Ah, what's bringing you out?


Kevin McGarry  9:11  

We're going yeah, doing a movie in Victoria.


Paul Greene  9:15  

Oh, on the island, eh? That you both are coming out because your aren't doesn't your family live out there?


Kayla Wallace  9:22  

Yeah, my whole family's there. So I'm extra excited about this one.


Kevin McGarry  9:29  

I'm excited.


Kayla Wallace  9:30  

I know. But I know but I get to see my family who I haven't seen in a long time. So


Paul Greene  9:38  

Right, since we're filming probably.


Kayla Wallace  9:40  

I saw I saw them for a quick little "hello."


Kevin McGarry  9:43  

It has been very busy. She went back she's been she's been back and forth. You know? She'd been shooting in Vancouver then comes and sees poor me when when she gets some downtime. So.


Paul Greene  9:54  



Kayla Wallace  9:55  

They've been back and forth, but I'm excited to spend some time in Victoria. Have you been have you spent time in Victoria?  


Paul Greene  10:03  

A little bit? I love it. What's that restaurant that has the goat sitting on the roof? Is that Victoria?


Kevin McGarry  10:08  

Did...we drove past it.  


Kayla Wallace  10:09  

I brought you to-- Yeah,


Paul Greene  10:12  

love that. It feels like you're in Europe. Like I love when you're in there all the all the treats are like actual real candy with like, they're amazing. It's weird, super strange.


Kevin McGarry  10:23  

I just couldn't get past the goats. We didn't buy anything, did we?


Kayla Wallace  10:26  

A bottle of water.  


Kevin McGarry  10:27  

A bottle of water. It was real water. So that was nice. It was reminded me Europe. This was real water we bought.


Paul Greene  10:35  

it was real water. Yeah, I do. I do like it over there. We stayed at a really cute hotel--Kate and I. I can't remember the name of it. But it was it was like super hipster. It was very chic.  


Kevin McGarry  10:48  

How is Kate? Where is she? Is she's gonna come in on your side?


Paul Greene  10:50  

I should she's actually downstairs. She was on a on a phone call. That would be a good idea. Let me see. Hey Kate!


Kevin McGarry  10:59  



Paul Greene  11:02  

That would be really fun. Um, I mean, I'll text I'll text her.


Kevin McGarry  11:06  

Yeah, you text her.  


Paul Greene  11:06  

Did you have a big? Our house is that big. Let me text the butler.


Kevin McGarry  11:11  

Let me ring Jeeves. If I can get her.


Paul Greene  11:15  

She'll come up in the dumbwaiter. Did you have a big appointment today? Or something you guys were working on? Or is that later?


Kevin McGarry  11:20  

Kayla's got one after this. She's got to get some work stuff. She's got to be on on the old internet for some callback stuff. Yeah, she's just killing it. And I'm holding on for dear like,


Paul Greene  11:33  

Are you? Yeah, right. Are you riding your motorcycle?


Kevin McGarry  11:37  

We have been. It was a here. We're in our second winter right now. It goes in Canada in Toronto. It goes winter. Surprise. Maybe it's spring and then we get a strong second winter with. "You fool. What are you doing? Why would you bring motorcycle batteries in, in March?" So we did go out around that time. And now it's too cold to go back out again.


Paul Greene  12:00  

Right. Right. Right. Do you like riding on the back of Kevin's motorcycle okay?


Kayla Wallace  12:04  

We got well, so we've got two bikes. One of them is clearly made for two people. And so the first one, the first ride we went out on, we took that bike and I was like, "This is great." Like, I feel I'm not scared. Should I be scared? And then we went to a smaller bike basket where I'm holding on to him for dear life. And that one I was losing,


Kevin McGarry  12:29  

But you looked cool, but I looked cooler on the smaller one.  


Paul Greene  12:33  

Do you have a cool like a sexy helmet for her? Or is it like kind of an embarrassing helmet?


Kayla Wallace  12:38  

For sure. embarrassed?


Kevin McGarry  12:38  

It's an embarrassing one. Yeah. Right. That's, yeah, we got to get her a nice one.


Paul Greene  12:43  

It's like the guy who rides all the time has the fit. And then you can always tell like the passengers like, "Why are they wearing like an orange helmet from the 80s?"


Kevin McGarry  12:53  

We've got this bicycle helmet you can put on. It's got a Hello Kitty patch on it. And I found it at the reused store or anyways. Yes. So she she was great. She looks great. She looks great.


Kayla Wallace  13:04  

He was great. I love it. I I have that little bit of like dangerous side to me that likes that kind of stuff.


Kevin McGarry  13:13  

Way to see yourself up on Paul's podcast.  


Kayla Wallace  13:16  



Kevin McGarry  13:17  

Danger is Kayla's middle name.


Kayla Wallace  13:21  



Paul Greene  13:23  

Wow.What a treat. What a treat to see you. I didn't think I was gonna get a twofer.  


Kevin McGarry  13:27  

You're good.  


Paul Greene  13:28  

And it's and it's April. It's still April Fool's here for another 35 minutes. So you technically, you know, this could all just be a prank.


Kevin McGarry  13:37  

We could say let's say that that that mike thing was a prank. That way it was.


Paul Greene  13:42  

It was a prank. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. In my time. Pacific Time prank.  


Kevin McGarry  13:45  

Yeah. Yeah.  


Paul Greene  13:48  

Well, you guys leave tomorrow to come out west.


Kevin McGarry  13:51  

No, we leave Monday. Okay. Unless it's unless it's Saturday, Pacific time right now. I'm not sure how this works. Exactly. Are you two days ahead of us? Or today?


Paul Greene  14:00  

He has we're two days ahead. I didn't hear Monday. I don't listen very well.


Kevin McGarry  14:04  

Yeah. Great thing is, I think when you do podcasts, you don't have to listen to what the other person is saying. It's It's fine.


Paul Greene  14:11  

Right, right. Right. Right. It's a it's a skill. Yeah. Kayla are where where you're from out there, is it close to where Kevin's little town of Kincardine--Kim Kardashian. What's the name of your town?


Kevin McGarry  14:23  

Kardashian. That's it.  


Paul Greene  14:24  

Yeah, that's it. Okay.  


Kevin McGarry  14:25  

We have a statue of Kim Kardashian in the middle of the town. And everyone comes on Sundays and we all bow to the almighty Kim. Yeah,


Paul Greene  14:33  

Right. Do you share the key to the city with Kim then or?


Kevin McGarry  14:36  

Well? I mean, we Yeah, we do. Yes, we do. Kim Kim's got it most of the time. So we'll see She might be moving back, I hear. It's just going kind of through a tough breakup right now.


Paul Greene  14:49  

Yes, yes. Where are you from, Kayla? Near near there or not near there?


Kayla Wallace  14:54  

So it's a little tiny town called Shawnigan Lake.  


Paul Greene  14:59  



Kevin McGarry  14:59  

We're near.


Kayla Wallace  15:00  

Kim Kardashian does not live there. Yeah, I grew up on Vancouver Island. It's a little town called Shawnigan Lake but my my sister's still there. She still lives there with her family so


Kevin McGarry  15:12  

In the house you grew up in.


Paul Greene  15:15  

No kidding. Oh, that's right. You're from the west coast but and so you're just you're all the way out there just for that guy.


Kevin McGarry  15:21  

Believe it or not.  


Kayla Wallace  15:22  

Well, also


Kevin McGarry  15:24  

I tricked her.


Kayla Wallace  15:25  

Also what Toronto offers me right now. Lots of great food The food's great out here.


Kevin McGarry  15:30  

It is pretty good out here.  


Paul Greene  15:31  

Are your restaurants open?


Kevin McGarry  15:33  

Patios? Are we well, we just went into lockdown today again. We are on our fourth third lockdown or whatever. So we're getting out. I mean, we're we're heading west think because we're doing the movie. So we might be heading west a bit more permanently. We're talking about existence because we can't get out of lockdown here. It makes sense. Ontario is the largest province in Canada. I get it. You know, like, yeah, it is going on. But it's it's okay. Let's go. It is. It is getting to be that's it. She just left me right now is that we've got a documented evidence is that I'm out of here. I can't do this anymore. And she


Paul Greene  16:10  

You made her thirsty.


Kevin McGarry  16:12  

Oh, she's come back. Just Wow. She's back.


Paul Greene  16:18  

Did you know there's a book about water by Dr. Batmanghelidj? He's an Iranian guy who healed the entire prison with just water and his quote is, "You're not sick; you're thirsty. Stop trying to medicate your thirst." And he's like the chronic dehydration. So I'm glad to see you drinking water. And Kevin you're in trouble.


Kevin McGarry  16:36  

Wait, your story's that he healed a bunch of prisoners and made them stronger. So then they broke out and caused him--


Paul Greene  16:44  

Yeah, and it was in Iron Man. Did you see Iron Man where like they broke out of that prison? That's him.


Kevin McGarry  16:48  

That was it. I really I am into documentaries. And I I sit here.


Paul Greene  16:53  

Yeah, it is a documentary about the water doctor Dr. Batmanghelidj.  But No no. All kidding aside, I'm glad you're drinking water, Kayla.


Kevin McGarry  17:00  

I have water right here!


Kayla Wallace  17:02  

We've got matching water bottles here.


Kevin McGarry  17:04  

This is my my vice and I bought a little one. It's as big as my hand.


Paul Greene  17:09  

No, your hands are huge.


Kevin McGarry  17:11  

The regular size.


Paul Greene  17:14  

That's a regular size for people listening on podcast. He has the tiniest or the largest hands and a regular size coke can.  


Kevin McGarry  17:21  

That's it.  


Kayla Wallace  17:22  

Right. Yes.  


Paul Greene  17:23  

With your water bottles. Did you get them at Costco?


Kayla Wallace  17:26  

Oh, no. Um,


Kevin McGarry  17:27  

We usually


Unknown Speaker  17:29  

Sport Che we got them at.


Paul Greene  17:31  

Okay, matching.


Kevin McGarry  17:33  

Hydro hydro flask.


Paul Greene  17:35  

Oh, I like those. They're fun to drink can eat a good straw like that. That makes you want to drink.  


Kevin McGarry  17:40  

It's easy drinking.It's what I like. Now we were we've been doing workouts in the morning. We're on these kettlebells. We do these kettlebell workouts because it's easiest thing right now.


Paul Greene  17:51  

Do you actually is that what you guys work out with? Kettlebells?


Kevin McGarry  17:54  

Yeah.We've been doing it for the last like two months really.


Kayla Wallace  17:58  

Since January. That's three months.  


Kevin McGarry  18:00  

Yeah,we just started getting of, you know, because they were easy to get compared to you know, with all the gyms shutting down. And then we kind of got into some like serious kettlebell moves. And it's great.


Paul Greene  18:13  

Do you do that Polish situp or Russian situp? What's it called?


Kevin McGarry  18:17  

Yeah, this sit stand-up or whatever? No, we haven't done that. When we do a lot of kettlebell swings. It's like when you're like you have to be sitting lying on your back. And it's like a three-part move where you kind of like use your core to like get up and then you have to like use your glutes to like, kind of like in a chair get up while you're holding the kettlebell over your head. And then you stand. Right.


Paul Greene  18:37  

I think you're right. It's called a Bulgarian press-up or something. Wow. It's a Baltic. It's a it's an Eastern European country for sure.


Kevin McGarry  18:44  

Yeah. It's great that we do the kettlebell swings. That's uh, my butt's killing me after that all the time. And we do. Kind of like clean and jerk but yeah, like bringing them up over your head and  


Paul Greene  18:55  



Kevin McGarry  18:56  

Lots of squats. Oh, my God, my squats.


Paul Greene  19:00  

Well, I love that I love seeing you two together. So this is obviously now this is on my podcast and my my my zoom. This is public YouTube  


Kevin McGarry  19:10  

Forever. Well,I mean, so I've been I got into Cameo. I've been raising some money on this Cameo thing which you're on to. And I've been like Kayla's been in a couple of videos because she's right here. It's perfect.  


Paul Greene  19:21  

Ah. Oh, that's awesome. The Cameo is great. I've been... Who told you about it?


Kevin McGarry  19:27  

I don't know. Cameo. I think Cameo reached out and was like, "Hey, do you want to do one?"  


Paul Greene  19:30  



Kayla Wallace  19:31  

He's been very, very busy.  


Kevin McGarry  19:33  

We just started. We've raised a bunch of money. We're raising for the Actor's Fund of Canada for like theatre artists who've been out of work, you know, because of the pandemic. We've done like quite a few we started on. Was it Wednesday? It was World Theatre Day. I think was Wednesday.


Kayla Wallace  19:50  



Paul Greene  19:50  

Oh, that's awesome. And that's and, and yeah, that's cool. It's a really cool thing. We I've been doing it for I think a year and a bit and a portion of mine goes to ALS, ALS research and yeah, the fans love it. You can like sing them "happy birthday" and it's really


Kevin McGarry  20:08  

Did they ask you for like, covers? Because I was asking Cameo and they were like, "Yeah, you can't really do covers because it's a it's kind of a gray area, right?"


Paul Greene  20:19  

Ah, do you play your guitar for some of them?


Kevin McGarry  20:22  

Yeah, I mean they asked it's great and some people are like, I would like this song please and I'm like, "I can't play that or learn that song," so we have fun with it you know. We try to do give them give them some reason to smile.


Paul Greene  20:35  

Yeah, Kayla, you should do it to the fans the Hearties love it. I get requests from Hearties all the time. And they're so touching, some of them. It's like they're what's the what's the best one you've got so far?


Kevin McGarry  20:46  

We did one yesterday for it was one of those 24-hour ones. It was like, "Can you get this up quick?" It was a woman who was having a baby. She was she was buying one for her sister who was having a baby. So I was like, "I don't know if the baby's born," right. "Like I don't know if you're being shown this as you're giving birth."


Kayla Wallace  21:05  

But like she was in the hospital because she was going to be in labor. She was in labor.  


Kevin McGarry  21:11  

Yeah, and I was like, "I really hope this comes to you at a time when you're not stressed out." And then we said "hi" to the baby. Because just in case the baby had been born.  


Paul Greene  21:22  



Kevin McGarry  21:20  

I did maybe change your mind to name the baby Kevin. It was a girl. But it is a girl. It is a girl now that it's on this earth. ut you know, I don't think she changed it to Kevin.


Paul Greene  21:33  

For those listening, Cameos a video service and what did they just search for your name if they want to find it?


Kevin McGarry  21:38  

I think so. I think that's how. You just got a cameo and type in whoever you want the hello to.  


Paul Greene  21:43  



Kevin McGarry  21:44  



Paul Greene  21:46  

Donate, and you're giving yours to the Actors Fund of Ontario or Canada. How's that?  


Kevin McGarry  21:50  



Paul Greene  21:51  



Kevin McGarry  21:51  

Basically, it's just a fund that, you know, when people find themselves in hard pressing times, they can reach out and get you know, maybe like a payment for their mortgage or some food groceries or whatever. Because a lot of the people I know, like have families and kids and things like that. And you know, they would have had contracts set up to do these plays. And then by no fault of their own, it's all canceled, so it's just kind of


Paul Greene  22:13  

I love that you're doing it all for charity like that. That's really great. Now, did you two meet first time on set? Or did you know each other elsewheres wise?


Kevin McGarry  22:24  

What has this what this podcast become?


Kayla Wallace  22:26  

Let me answer this story and then I'll get ready. Eventually.  


Kevin McGarry  22:30  

She's so busy. Okay. Okay, you can answer. What did we meet on set? We met on set?  


Kayla Wallace  22:34  

Yes, we did.  


Kevin McGarry  22:36  

I remember meeting Kayla on set, like a vision.  


Kayla Wallace  22:40  



Paul Greene  22:40  

Like a vision. Did it go slow motion-like?


Kevin McGarry  22:43  

I wanted decaf. And I was like, "Who is this?" She's like, "Can you give me did you work here? Hi. Are you the third AD?" I was like, "No, I'm in the show." She's like, "Can you find the third AD? I want a decaf." And I knew at that moment that she's the one.


Kayla Wallace  23:02  

Word-for-word, that's that's exactly what happened.


Paul Greene  23:03  

That's that's not really what happened. Kayla.


Kayla Wallace  23:05  

No, it's not. We we joined the same season--Season Six. And we became great friends in season seven. And then even better friends in season eight.


Paul Greene  23:23  

I love it. And you guys were really cheeky the way you shared that you were together with that post with your pictures and the coffee. And that that made quite a quite a splash. Did you guys Was it hard to decide to do it that way? Or were you just like, whatever it's time?


Kevin McGarry  23:38  

I think it was or whatever. I don't think you really thought about much of it. Ever. I've never really thought about being shy.  


Kayla Wallace  23:45  

I don't think either of us wanted to hide anything. It was just it was or, or advertising it to where we were just sort of. Yeah, we are together and we're happy and


Paul Greene  23:57  

Well, you you look good together and you feel good together. It feels good. Yeah. I'm really happy for you guys. During quarantine. Like for this lot this last year and a half to like have like I'm so thankful that I mean, we were I was alone in Vancouver but just to be to be when you're when a lockdown happens with someone you love. It's like "Ooh, I kind of like this."


Kevin McGarry  24:21  

It's way better. I started this lockdown alone. You started this lockdown alone.  


Kayla Wallace  24:25  

We were both alone last this time last year facetiming each other.


Kevin McGarry  24:31  

Now we get to like facetime each other over the phone. Ah, okay, guys getting too sappy. Okay.


Kayla Wallace  24:37  

I do have to go get ready. Paul. It was so nice to see you. I


Paul Greene  24:40  

You too. Yeah, we'll see you soon. I'm sure yeah. Congrats and good luck today. I'm sure you'll absolutely slay it.


Kayla Wallace  24:48  

Thank you. And yes, guys. Good luck on your interview.  


Kevin McGarry  24:52  

I can't wait to see where this is going. I don't know.


Paul Greene  24:56  

Yeah, I'm gonna grill I'm gonna ask him all the questions that are so uncomfortable.


Kevin McGarry  25:01  

Your bank password.


Kayla Wallace  25:02  

Yeah. The important stuff.  


Kevin McGarry  25:04  



Kayla Wallace  25:05  

Okay, good to see you.


Paul Greene  25:07  

Okay, bye.


Kayla Wallace  25:08  



Kevin McGarry  25:10  

Now that she's gone. Yeah. Oh my god, No!


Paul Greene  25:15  

What a treat Hey, do me Do me a favor. I think the audio is okay. I think of what happened honestly. You look great. This camera is actually great. It's it's and can you? Is it echoing in any way The only thing that what's great about your earbuds is it'll stop like a feedback loop. So try it


Kevin McGarry  25:35  

Putting these in. A minute here. I know.  


Paul Greene  25:40  

Can you? Yeah,  


Kevin McGarry  25:41  

A second. I got it. I got to disconnect them and then put them back on. Second here.


Paul Greene  25:47  

I'm gonna I'm gonna hit the restaurant when the restaurants Give me one second  


Kevin McGarry  25:50  

Gonna hit a restaurant.  


I'm still on. Now. Hey, I'm Paul Greene. Thanks for listening. Everybody. Air pods?Disconnect. No, they're not connecting. Oh, I did not press the button.  


Paul Greene  26:42  

That's okay. I can actually I can actually hear you fine, buddy. Let's just keep it like this is fine. It's fine.


Kevin McGarry  26:47  

Are you sure?  


Paul Greene  26:48  

Yeah, usually laptops are crappy but yours actually sounds great. Is it Kayla's laptop? Is that why?


Kevin McGarry  26:55  

No, it's mine. It's 20 years old. That's why


Paul Greene  27:01  

No this is fine, buddy. This is fine. Mine's old too. Alright. Yeah. Who is that person behind you with the blower coming out, like the birthday thing?


Kevin McGarry  27:10  

Those are my parents, those. It's my dad and my mom. And this was that I think they were 25 or 26. At this time I was I just had this thing this year that I wanted to get like, I got pictures of our parents. But I didn't have any of them when they were like younger than I was. And you know, like, their whole life kind of ahead of them. They were on their first cruise. And my dad looks super happy he's wearing like lei and mom's got..  


Paul Greene  27:37  

Oh, Ilove I love that. Are you close to your parents? Are they both still alive?


Kevin McGarry  27:41  

They're right here! Look, they're right behind me. It's Yes, yes, of course. Yes. They're both still alive. And yes, we're very close.  


Paul Greene  27:50  

Hmm. I love that man. And are they were they born in Canada? Were they born somewhere else?


Kevin McGarry  27:55  

They were born in Canada. They were born in Ajax. They they have been together since high school. High school sweethearts. Yeah, born in the same town. And yeah.  


Paul Greene  28:05  

Were they born were in the town you were born in the Kim Kim Kardashian town?


Kevin McGarry  28:09  

The Kim Kardashian town? No, they were born just outside of Toronto. And my grandfather--my dad's dad--was kind of like an Indiana Jones. He was like a surveyor where they would drop him off in the middle of the Ontario woods and be like,"See ya in a month." You know, him and some other dudes not him alone. And then he would just like basically you know, camp and canoe up the rivers whatever and survey the area and you know, and then come back and they would build something. So he was he was working for Ontario power generation, which is the nuclear power plant here. So they were they were doing one up in carbon he got my dad a job as a nuclear operator in cartons. And, and yeah, that's kind of how we started that. Basically, I grew up my upbringing is Bart Simpson. I grew up in Springfield; there was a nuclear power plants. And it was like a small town like Springfield.


Paul Greene  29:03  

No kidding. And and did you grew up in a film family or a music family like Why? You know, I'm always curious about this, like, I had Ryan Pavey on and his his dad was like a very manual labor there was no support at all for performing arts and he didn't find it till later. Did you? What kind of home did you grow up in musical or acting?


Kevin McGarry  29:23  

Same thing didn't find till later. I mean, I I don't know. You know, my, my mother sings. I don't think she's like, you don't want her to sing at your event


Paul Greene  29:35  

On your on your cameo?


Kevin McGarry  29:36  

Yeah. But she'll sing. I think I don't know where I got it. I just , you know, I've got some uncles and aunts who are more into it. So maybe that's kind of where it came from. But my parents were supportive, which is really all you need to kind of, you know, go do what you want to do. And I remember telling my dad that I didn't want to stay in Kincardine in the town that I was living in, because you could have a really nice life there, you know, you could work that power plant or you could get another job or something. And, and you can make a nice living there and it would be great, but you kind of never leave, you know that you you just, you're there. So I just wanted to see more of the world. And, you know, I knew I was kind of I was interested in arts. And I was I guess I thought I was good at it enough to like get into a theater school. So I got in and then I kind of started that way. But I remember going to the theater school, or getting in or whatever my dad going to work and being like, "Yep, you know, Kevin wants to be an actor. So I just told him to follow his heart and go do what he wants." And all his friends are like, "You idiot, you're gonna fail. What are you doing? Tell him to get a job with a plant and like, you know, get a house to be you know." And then my dad got all like, "Oh, god, I'm giving the wrong advice or whatever. And I'm glad he did. Let me go and do it. It was it was tough for a while. But I think, you know, I, their support is really all you need. You know, you people just people have different interests. So as long as you're supportive of your kids, and I get I really think I have my like, I look like my dad, but I have my mom's personality. So I okay, that's what I that's what I got for both of them. They're not wondering what Go ahead. I was just gonna say they're not they're not musically inclined, or they're not that you know that. They're not--in no way did they have like the acting bug, but what I got from them to be successful was like, you know, a little bit of my mom's personality. What my dad what he looks like on the outside and, and also, I guess both of them have made me who I am. Yeah. And metaphorically.  


Paul Greene  31:43  

And emotionally?


Kevin McGarry  31:44  



Paul Greene  31:44  

How old? How old were you when you started film school? Or like theater school?


Kevin McGarry  31:48  



Paul Greene  31:50  



Kevin McGarry  31:51  

They said I could leave.  


Paul Greene  31:52  

Your dad. That scene reminds me of Zoolander where, where Derek Zoolander is the is a male model and his dad's like, "My son's a male model." Everyone's laughing. And he's like, "He's a mermaid." And Derek Zoolander goes, "Mer-man. "That what you described I just saw.


Kevin McGarry  32:10  

Like for you. I mean, you're you came from Alberta. And as a model, like in your early days, for sure. You must have got razzed a bit.


Paul Greene  32:17  

Yeah, I was 18 as well, when that happened. And my dad was in oil. You know, everyone in Canada, you know, our parents are always sort of in the industry of making energy. I guess my my parents was that my dad was fossil fuels. But I'm sure there was my dad. He never told me he was embarrassed that I was a male model when I started. I never, I never really thought about it until I just tried to make fun of you.


Kevin McGarry  32:40  

And then something inside you broke and you're like,


Paul Greene  32:43  

Crushed Ouch, ouch! Karma. Good karma.


Kevin McGarry  32:46  

I've been running away from my own feelings. All I'm glad we got you on my podcast. I'm glad we're turning us around on you and really dive in.  


Paul Greene  32:52  

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. So you when you started theatre school? You were 18? And then did you you be what did you what happened? Like, right from there? Were you in school for something else? Or like, did you was acting a part-time thing? Or did you just go full into it? Like, that's what you're getting into it.  


Kevin McGarry  33:11  

I got full into it. If this doesn't work out, I have no backup plan. I so theater school, you know, like, I mean, you don't do anything other than you know, you studied text and plays and then put them on and do things like movement and do a bit of vocal work and say I just kind of get you ready mainly to be on this on plays. And on the stage. We did very little film classes. And I that's what I thought I was gonna do. Like, to me, I was like, "This is so I'm going to go and be a theatre artist." And that's kind of, you know, in Canada that we have, especially in Ontario, we have two of the biggest festivals, the Stratford Festival and the Shaw Festival. And now there's the Drayden Festival, which is also a big one too. So, you know, you can make great living, like, you know, get a nice house and family and just kind of do plays and that's what I wanted to do. And I you know, when I graduated, I had to kind of go back into you know, for me to graduate theater school, and I thought I was kind of like, "Hot shit! I'm gonna get out there. It's gonna be great." Yeah, I was so green. You know, my, a lot of people were like, it's bad. You know, I had to learn. I've always been very good at throwing myself out there before I'm ready. You know, and then like learning in the moment. Yeah, I'm like a baby deer. And then, and then I started kind of, I think, you know, out of my failures, kind of figuring out what works for me anyways. And what I think makes you know, good storytelling and, and I was able to kind of work at a festival for a little while I was able to like learn from kind of these theater giants that I that I think that I look up to kind of in in Canada, and then it didn't happen into my late 20s because at 28/27 when I got to be like a regular on a show and and that kind of changed everything then I haven't really stopped working in film and TV since then. Or sorry, the film The TV since then, and I haven't really gone back to theater since then.


Paul Greene  35:10  

Have you miss theater?


Kevin McGarry  35:12  

Oh, yeah, of course. And you know, I I had a lot of fun. I had a lot of friends who like we would create things or is we have festivals here like the Fringe Festival where you get to like, put on write your own play and put in your own thing. And me and my friend, we wrote two musicals, put them up, and they did pretty well. I mean, I thought it was really we did one we did the only that I'm aware of anyways, the musical on. I said this on another podcast, but the only Playboy musical the story of Hugh Hefner. And like, why, how and why he started Playboy and what it was and like his biography, basically. And what was great because we cast all we it was just, it was my friend who played Hugh Hefner. And I think we cast there was like, 10 women. And they were the bunnies. But they they told the whole story. So not they didn't just play the... Like they played his best friend. They played his first wife, they played his family, they played his. So I mean, I knew we were essentially we were doing a musical about Playboy, but at the same we were trying to write like compelling parts for women at the same to tell the story. We didn't want to, you know, we and then the other musical was my very first one called Nebraska and was based off of by means true events have this kind of murder spree that happened in the 60s that Bruce Springsteen wrote a song about that. I was like, "Oh, it could be like a kind of a folk musical in this." So wrote a first act workshop with Adam it did Okay,


Paul Greene  36:40  

So that's really cool. Do you have any video of either of those? Did anyone film them?


Kevin McGarry  36:45  

Oh, yeah.


Paul Greene  36:47  



Kevin McGarry  36:48  

Oh, we've got like an archival? Yeah, of course of,


Paul Greene  36:51  

Are they up on? Are they on YouTube?


Kevin McGarry  36:53  



Paul Greene  36:54  

Come on.  


Kevin McGarry  36:56  

One of them, Nebraska. Somebody wanted to buy it. And, and put it up. It's in Texas, a theatre company in Texas. And I was like, I was really excited. Someone wants to buy my play.  


Paul Greene  37:06  



Kevin McGarry  37:06  

Director was like, "Yeah, but it's not really finished. You know, like, we only did one act and like, get your name out there." And I was like, "Oh, yeah, I better not do it." And then nothing happened. I was like, "I should Have, like, I could have used that money?  


Paul Greene  37:17  

Right? Well, and just I mean, having your play cuz you've written other things, too. Like it's not your you got your hands in some other writing, producing too, right?


Kevin McGarry  37:27  

I've done some like shorts. I'm some short stuff. Yeah, we I was just talking to Kayla about this today and thinking that we should, like, start kind of getting back into that again. It's just been so yeah, and a blessing. Clearly, we just been so busy with, with some other work and our downtime, we were just kind of enjoying it, but it's getting the itch to like, you know, kind of start making the stuff that I want to make.


Paul Greene  37:52  

Yeah. Right. So take us back just a little bit. Are you do you have brothers and sisters that you grew up with?


Kevin McGarry  37:59  

Yes, I have one brother. He's a he is an accountant. So we couldn't be to make like one became an actor or became an accountant. So he he's a year younger than I am so he was  


Paul Greene  38:13  

Does he look does he look like you?  


Kevin McGarry  38:16  

Not really we we he there's a McGarry side and there's the Allen side. Like my dad is McGarry. My mom is last name her maiden name is Allen. And he's definitely more on like my mom's side and like I can see my mom in me too sometimes. My facial expressions but you know, there were I remember telling Kayla I was like, "You know, it's when you meet my my brother, Brian, is you're gonna be like,' Oh, you guys brought like, You don't look alike.'" But she was like," No, I can see it. Like incertain. You know, certain facial expressions or whatever. You look like your brother." Yeah.


Paul Greene  38:51  

Do you? Do you remember? As after you went to your first like, obviously remember your first job for TV and film What was that again? Did you What was your first job for film?


Kevin McGarry  39:04  

My first? It's funny that you say "you remember."I  don't know if i remember. I made a commercial. I was just thinking like, "Don't screw up," as I was probably screwing up um, I was I don't know man. I think I did one I think I did. There's a TBS remember this the show or the the network TBS?  


Paul Greene  39:25  



Kevin McGarry  39:26  

Yeah, there was like it was on TBS was a polarizer from Mad Mad About You, the main guy and it was writing like, it was like the short. It was called Love Bites, like little bites about like, you know, this girl and her love life. And I was like, you know, the the kind of the douchey ex-boyfriend. And I might have gotten three episodes or something out of that. And I had no idea what I was doing. Yeah, I was just trying to be natural, I think and I don't remember a lot of it. I But it could have been more exhilarating I think. I think I had one line. And it one of the episodes just like one line. And I had to be I think I forget what her name was. It was Katie or something. And I had to like see her at a bar. And I was like, "Katie," like that was it. And I remember my friend, being about the Seinfeld episode is in the Seinfeld episode, where they're like, "These pretzels are making me thirsty." And they like the line is "These pretzlers are making me thirsty." And they're all talking about how they would say that line. So I became the butt end of the joke when it was like "McGarry's on the camera doing of 'these pretzels are making me thirsty' lines."  


Paul Greene  40:36  

Right, right. Y


Kevin McGarry  40:37  



Paul Greene  40:38  

And then and then from there. What was your first kind of what? What job? What TV job did you do that you were like, "Oh, I can do this. I I'm like, this is my career now." Like, it probably wasn't the the the commercial, but like, what was your first  


Kevin McGarry  40:55  

Like, this is I got this. I got cast in, in kind of like a tweeny Hospital show. And it was it's the same company in Canada that does Degrassi they're called Epitome, the production. And they're very good at as you know, like, Degrassi is a huge show in Canada, it kind of is a school in itself, because they end up casting a lot of these high school kids to kind of come in and play these characters in Degrassi, and, you know, it's at this building, kind of north of Toronto, and it's this fake High School, and they go in and the kind of the same directors, and there's two directors that kind of cycle through it. And they work really well with the kids. And it becomes this kind of like teaching thing where like, the kids getting better as as the, as the show goes on. And it becomes a factory for like, like, they become better actors at the end of you know, this, like, they start off so young. These kids are like, 15/16, right, when by the time they graduate from the show, you know, they're, they've done it for so long now that they're just like, they feel comfortable. And this show is kind of the same thing. I was a little bit older, but at the same time, there was maybe 12 of us and we were just constantly, you know, shooting in this, this this hospital factory they had up there. And that was being exposed so much the camera, you know, and all the equipment around it and learning how to like, talk the lingo and and effectively kind of communicate what I want to portray. I started learning stuff that way. You know, that's where it started kind of clicking a little bit for me.


Paul Greene  42:41  

And did you did you love it? Or where you're like, are you when are you one of those actors that like you have to act? Or is it a job? Like is it did you when you're doing it on those on the shows really like this? Is it and I'm just gonna shut my door. Kate's coaching on a call. Hang on.  


Kevin McGarry  42:57  

I can't hear you. I can't hear her. I can hear you. She's coaching.


Paul Greene  43:03  

Yeah, Kate's a coach Kate. Kate's a Tony Robbins trained strategic intervention coach. She like she interrupts people's sabotage is like really, she's really, really good at it. Like she can identify upper limit problems. Like some people have a thermostat of how good they're willing to have it. And that'll stay that way forever, where they can't make more money than their dad. Or you know, they're there. They have to be the shy one because their brother is disabled or something like everybody grows up with a bit of an upper limits, like how good they're willing to have it and she's have it and she's really good at going in. And strategy  


Kevin McGarry  43:44  



Paul Greene  43:45  

Yeah, yeah, obliterating it and kind of setting a new, you know, a new way of of feeling fulfilled, kind of she's really good at it. We have a Kate and I have a  program together that we do.


Kevin McGarry  43:56  

Yes. And I've seen it, that's great.


Paul Greene  43:59  

But she coaches; she has a couple of private clients. And when she gets she's, you know, Kate's a fiery Australian. So she's, she's like the Justice Department. If she she when she gets going, man, she's she's feisty.


Kevin McGarry  44:11  

She's just yelling at somebody in the other room. And that's why the door.


Paul Greene  44:15  

Right? She's like, "Set boundaries." I can just I can hear like  


Kevin McGarry  44:18  

I'm thermostat.  


Paul Greene  44:20  

Right? Raise, raise the standard. So back to the question. Are you like, do you obviously we both like like acting? Yeah. But you know, there's actors that just have to act.


Kevin McGarry  44:32  

Yeah. I don't know what else I would do. I mean, I I think I have to be involved in something creative. You know, I have to create something. I think there are jobs that are that feel more like work than other jobs, you know, and you got to dig down deep to be like, this is what you want. You're so lucky to be doing this. And you got to find the things you know, that you you connect with or that it makes it enjoyable for you like I'm about to go through this movie. And I'm, you know, I guess I'm talking about this, but I'm, it's, I'm fighting for something in this movie that I think makes it a challenge for me and makes it worth doing. But network doesn't see it, they see it as being, it could be a problem, you know, it's something different, we're not sure what to do this or not. So this is this is like, you know, this is the, the actor in me is like, just let me do like, I'm not gonna make a fool out of myself, I'm gonna do it, like, I'm going to do this properly. And this is what I want to do. And, and it's a challenge to me, and it fulfills me as an artist, but then the job part of me is like, you know, take the money, you know, it's great to do the money, you know, you're good at these things that you're doing, and then they're paying for your services, this. So like, it's constantly battle going abroad. And I think, you know, as an actor, we're very lucky if, when those jobs come around that you're like, oh, like, I feel this to the core of my soul. Like, I have to tell the story. Those jobs are probably, you know, few and far between. So it is an asset to be able to look at a job and be like, Okay, this is why I'm doing it. And these are the these are the few things that I that I'm getting out of this right that I'm that are turning the crank for me. But I guess, you know, I can kind of talk them there for a while. But the, to answer your question. Yeah, I have to do this. Like, I just, it's, it's not a job. It never feels like a job. It just feels like when I stopped doing it, and I haven't done it for a while I get antsy and I get like, I get Yeah, I like your withdrawal. You know, and, and I buddy of mine, who says some incredibly stupid things not saying but every once in a while there's like, "Oh, God, I was genius." Talks about feeding your, your inner artist a lot. And a friend of mine is a writer, and he's good writer is great writer. And he also used to be a musician, and he's a drummer. And lately, he's been kind of down on himself a lot. You know, he sold some books, they did some they did what they did, well, they didn't do exactly what he thought they were going to do. And he's kind of been in the rut right now, you know, trying to sell his ideas. And like any creative, you've got to kind of, you know, play to the, to the money people and be like, this is why it's important. And let me kind of write these books. But he gets very frustrated. And I remember my friend being like, it's because he's not feeding his other artists, like he stopped playing the drums, he stopped playing music, and you've got this other artists inside you that's not being fueled. And it's affecting, you know, you're the artist that you're trying to, you know, facilitate right now. So his writing artist is being, you know, affected because he's not spending any time with his music artist. And I think that's an important thing to kind of go forward and like, you know, yes, I need to do this. But being creative, I think is what I need to do. And if I don't get to, you know, play enough music or maybe write down a story idea or something like that, then it affects my acting artists as well.


Paul Greene  48:12  

And how does the music come into this for you? Like, when did you learn to play guitar? And and and when did you know that you could sing? Because you can you really can carry a tune and you're really great at the guitar did that. When did that start? And is in like, is that? Does that fulfill you quite a bit as well to sing and play like that?


Kevin McGarry  48:32  

Oh, yeah. I mean, that's Kayle and I play because she's a great musician as well, right. She sings and she writes; she's written she's very good songwriter. And I so I mean, to answer your question, I got I think I got the guitar for a Christmas gift when I was like 18. So I started pretty like late. I remember like in grade six or something, singing to some girls, it was probably like an NSYNC song or Backstreet Boys song. And my friends cutting me up, like just be like, so they scare the crap out of me that I was like, I can't be singing this is not, you know, I was getting made fun of. And then, you know, as I got older and least became in high school, I started kind of finding out what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be. And I started kind of getting involved with community theater. And I remember being in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  


Paul Greene  49:26  

Do you know, all the Do you still know the songs from that thing?  


Kevin McGarry  49:30  

I wasn't Joseph, I mean, I was I was chorus member blah, blah. I think it was one of his brothers. But I could I mean, the list was Joseph one. Yeah, it would be like Close


Paul Greene  49:41  

"Close every door to me."  


Kevin McGarry  49:48  

And something Yeah.  


Paul Greene  49:51  

"Shut all your windows and shut all the doors."


Kevin McGarry  49:53  

"If my life was important, I would ask would I live or die." Yeah.  


Paul Greene  49:59  

"But I know the answer lies far from this world." For some reason, I saw it once. And I remember almost every lyric. And I saw it in Toronto, actually.


Kevin McGarry  50:10  

Oh, yeah, with Donnie Osmond?


Paul Greene  50:12  

Yeah, yeah. And and for some reason I remember every single song or every single lyric. I mean, not every but weirdly more than you would think. So you were you were one of his brothers. And should did that change your your Did you go to your friends, like "You guys were wrong. I can sing."


Kevin McGarry  50:31  

As much as they make fun of me, they're very supportive. So they all came out to one of the productions. And that was when my mic blew out. So like, when I saw I'm like, "I'm gonna finally show that I can sing or whatever." But up on the stage and I went to sing, it goes..."Oh gosh!" So they're all laughing and when I'm singing, everyone covers their ears. I was like, "Okay, I cannot do this." And then I got the, and then I got the guitar for a Christmas present. So I would I would play alone in my bedroom by myself. And, and then I started kind of going to open mic nights and stuff like that. And when I went to theater school, I found I mean, like, I think I learned an oasis song and just kept playing it and playing it. You know, that you see the Wonderwall meme, right? And they're like, anyway, "here's Wonderwall." Used to, if you have an acoustic guitar, anybody can end with. Anyway, here's Wonderwall. And that was basically me and I just played a play until I, you know, got really good at it and would start playing it and, you know, nobody wants to hear Wonderwall. And it opened. I'm not that it's not a great song. It's just so overplay. But I would play that song, open mic nights, and then I would you know, learn another song and play and somebody would come up and say, "Hey, you're really good,"or "I really enjoyed that." But and then it led to finding some other musicians and jamming and then kind of figuring that out and then just building my confidence up that way. So yeah, and then and now I just like I, you know, I'm a man now, so I'm ashamed of very little. Like, this is who I am.


Paul Greene  52:14  

Yeah. Well, the concert that we did in my trailer is is, is a is a very big hit.  


Kevin McGarry  52:23  



Paul Greene  52:24  

It's the first time you and I played together like that. And it was like, awesome. It was so fun.


Kevin McGarry  52:30  

It was fun being so impromptu and like the the moments where we were like, where it was, like sticking up perfectly was really great. And a couple of those. Yeah, a couple of songs really worked out.


Paul Greene  52:40  

Yeah, I like your taste in music like you'd like to kind of do you like those old kind of classic rock songs that I really love playing to? If we could have got Andrea in there because Andrea has this amazing June Carter style like to tone and she harmonizes like effortlessly she can just harmonize. I mean she would have been a lot more effective than Chris in the back.


Kevin McGarry  53:04  

Although he did steal a scene a couple times with that spoon


Paul Greene  53:06  

Yeah, I don't know how he'd steal the scene by doing by by he was like cracking up at pictures at


Kevin McGarry  53:11  

Like the Ed McMahon or the Andy what's-his-face on Conan that just like sits in the background and like, he was our he was our sidekick. I also played with Jack last year too a couple times and he's really good. I mean, we figured out the "All I Need" song. And we did that and because he's into he knows a lot of the 80s songs, right which is great. And I also was a time when I was just playing like Bon Jovi all the time at bars and stuff. And if I can, you know, if I, you know, keep up for a bit I can seem pretty high and so we would do some like Guns and Roses and stuff like that. And so it was fun to kind of do a couple of those at stuff with with jack too. So we should maybe do him too. If we can get him. That's a professional. He's a professional.


Paul Greene  53:55  

Yeah, he doesn't do things for free. Like I think I've asked him to come on. I think I've said, "Hey, let's do some music." He's like, "I charge for it." I think he was joking. He's like, actually, "Is there tickets?" What's your favorite song that you like to perform? And like you're just like, "Ah, this one." Is it "The Wait"? You do "The Wait" really good.


Kevin McGarry  54:18  

Yeah, like "The Wait." Again, I just started. I mean, I remember playing at a bar one night. And one of the guys was like, "Let's finish with 'The Wait.'" It's a great one because everybody can take a turn right away with the, with the lyrics. And yeah, and then that was the first time I ever played it and heard it. So I was like, "Oh yeah I do this all the time." Um, I don't know. I mean, I don't have a favorite song to play. I go through and I'm sure you do too. You really learn a song and play it and play it and then I was like, you just play as soon as you pick up the guitar. It's the first one you go to for a while. Yeah, I've got a lot like that where you like I'll do some Paul Simon or I'll do a lot of Mumford and Sons back in the day. You know, Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel. I've tried to play and listen to him, but he's pretty great too.  


Paul Greene  55:12  

In Your Eyes? That one?  


Kevin McGarry  55:14  

Yeah, it's pretty great. And then some country stuff is not just like a mishmash, but I think I learned. I learned yesterday Frank Sinatra's "The Way You Look Tonight." It sounds nice. And everything's in sevens. You don't I'm playing a lot lately, because Kayla is the Beatles. I've never played a lot of The Beatles before and everything is in. Everything is in in sevens. So I've been Ob-la-di, ob-la-da  


Paul Greene  55:49  

It's in sevens like a major seventh chord you mean?


Kevin McGarry  55:52  

Yeah like an A-seven or a D-seven or like a G-seven everything's got that kind of ring at the end that kind of  


Paul Greene  55:57  

Yeah, yeah.  


Kevin McGarry  55:58  

Hangs a little differently in your ear. So yeah, that and I think I did I figured out a nice cover of "Sympathy For the Devil" by Rolling Stones too. So


Paul Greene  56:06  

Did you really?


Kevin McGarry  56:07  

Constantly figuring out


Paul Greene  56:10  

I think that's my favorite Rolling Stone song is "Sympathy For the Devil."  


Kevin McGarry  56:13  

Yeah, it's the best. It's super easy. It's so it's just a blues lick. You know, it's an E. You can learn it.


Paul Greene  56:18  

Great. Great. Great. Great. Well, I love so tell me tell me this. Tell me after you did that show. You did a couple other things. And what brings you to Hallmark? Like you had no had you done a movie for Hallmark before you came on "When Calls the Heart" or is "When Calls the Heart" your first introduction?


Kevin McGarry  56:40  

No, I did. So I felt when I finished the doctor thing I told you about. My, everybody's hubris was through the roof of the thing like Well, we're coming back. See everybody season two is season two. I bet we're gonna kill it. This is a great show. Everyone's gonna love it. And in the off-season, I got cast in like a bit like a guest spot on one of their, like their TV movie. Series. It was the were the post office people figure out figure out,


Paul Greene  57:14  

Signed, Sealed, Signed, Sealed, Delivered.


Kevin McGarry  57:16  

Yes. And so they cast me and Brooke Nevin. Do you know Brooke, Brooke Nevin?  


Paul Greene  57:21  

Yeah, yeah.  


Kevin McGarry  57:22  

Really good actor. And so she they, me and Brooke, play this, this couple on it. And I say remember they they had to like gray my hair up and make me look super old. On I think I was walking with a cane at one point. And I was like, "Am I is this this what I am now?" Is like a big like wizard beard. Um, it was a it was an experience. And I and I remember auditioning for it and getting it. But I didn't know I must have been dropped into somebody at Hallmark's mind at that point. They're like, "Oh, this guy might be good for one of our leading men." So then I go back to Toronto after we do that guest and I'm like, "Well, when are we gonna hear about Season Two?" You know and then I get a call they're like, "Hey, it's canceled."


Paul Greene  58:13  

Oh, brutal.


Kevin McGarry  58:14  

Oh good good. I think I just bought a motorcycle too and it's like, "I'll just sell that as fast as I can." And and then I got "Heartland" actually and I get to be a cowboy. He said take it to heart  


Paul Greene  58:28  

What was before before you did before your your leading man on a Hallmark film you were in Heartland?


Kevin McGarry  58:35  

Yeah, I will. I've been a Heartland for for I've done Heartland for about four years now. And again, I think it was supposed to be a bit part. And then they liked me and they kept getting coming. Asked me to come back and then it kind of runs season nine and 10 and 11 I was pretty prominent in it. Is that wild? season 9,10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and now now they're waiting to hear about 15. And I hear it you know it's it's looking pretty good. But who knows? Wow, the longest running show in Canada.  You know, I do that show I'm lucky enough that I'm able to kind of stay on it and then you know they're they're willing to kind of work around a busy schedule ever-evolving schedule. So anyways on Heartland at the very beginning and then I get a call to be in. They asked they offer me movie with Jana Kramer who's country. I mean she's a singer before she's she's an actor but then she made it as a singer and now like she has both she's one of those triple threats. So we got to do this. Love it the classic "Love At First Bark" movie, you know that you know that old saying is "love at first bark" with a dog. So that was the first time that I went and did a I guess, lead on a Hallmark and then I think, you know, you know this I mean, you're one of the main guys that it's like once you're in kind of their their Rolodex, you know, it'll it'll get looked at at least once a year, your name will get spun around that Rolodex once a year that they're like, "Oh, maybe we could put so-and-so" and so since then, I did a couple more for them. I did a few other like, kind of other romantic ones. And then I started kind of, I got to do some other stuff I went to I got to go to Budapest and do a show called "Ransom." It was a CBS show. That was fun. That's the furthest I've ever traveled. And I did "Schitt's Creek" just was so lucky to get on that before that died out. I still waiting on my Emmy. I mean, everybody gets an Emmy on that show. I'm just still waiting on It probably got lost in the mail.  That's what I think it probably got lost in the mail. The  


Paul Greene  1:00:54  

You're, you're moving a lot. So yeah, I mean, you're between those. It could be in Vancouver.


Kevin McGarry  1:00:58  

It's my last they have my Oh, I should call it that if there was anything from the Emmys.


Paul Greene  1:01:04  

Come what was what was it like on "Schitt's Creek"? What was your character? I didn't see it. But was it hilarious?


Kevin McGarry  1:01:10  

Um, yeah, it was super funny. I mean, that shows him he was basically he was a kind of like, actually, you would be great in this role too. So he was a he was a fitness instructor who was secretly a cult recruiter.  


Paul Greene  1:01:25  

Oh, thanks. Yeah. Perfect. That's how I am.  


Kevin McGarry  1:01:29  

You'd play it really well, it's. And he, it was great. You know, it was the daughter ends up like getting all their friends in because this is what she does. She's She's got a job where she's helping businesses and she's promoting them. She's slowly figuring out that maybe this guy like he's talking a lot about breaking through to the other side, as they're doing their, like bicycle spins, or their their their step masters or whatever. stairmasters. And, and then she's slowly figuring out Oh, this guy is a cult, and he's trying to get us on a car or whatever. So I mean, it was great, completely different. And I've done another one too for I worked on a show called "Man Seeking Woman" where it was a it was great was the Simon Simon Rich was the the creator of it. And so it used to be a writer on Saturday Night Live with John Mulaney. So it was very, like a very funny very Saturdya Night Live comedy. And both "Schitt's Creek" and "Man Seeking Woman" were very, like, much more specific and how lines are delivered, you know, like some that will drop and are bought in the dock. And it was much more melodic in the way that it's like, it's written like this, you know, and the joke is on this word. So, you know, make sure you you hit this a certain way, you know, and it's not so much like your interpretations great. But as long as it hits the note that I wrote. So that was a fun lesson to kind of learn, you know, how, how to do comedy, or or, or the difference Anyways, what I've been doing with drama to comedy.


Paul Greene  1:03:03  

Yeah, which one? Which one do you think is is harder?


Kevin McGarry  1:03:07  

Comedy is pretty tough. I mean, it depends what comedy is tough. Especially the way comedy is now where it's, I see a lot less dumb comedy and more comedy, where it's like, and then what happens? And then what happens and then so it's like, it's like you got to keep going. You see a lot of like the Judd Apatow kind of created this improv comedy that we that we love now where it's like, are they gonna keep going? Like, ever like the wheelchair or the John C. Reilly stuff where it's like, "How far are you going to take a joke? You know, and and still be truthful and, and real." So, yeah, in that way, I think comedy is harder. I think it's I think in drama especially "When Calls the Heart" I don't learn any of my lines."  I just show up and say whatever I want. They cut around it.


Paul Greene  1:03:56  

Yeah, I knew that.


Kevin McGarry  1:03:58  

We did that scene together. Like "Is he gonna say any of the lines er?


Paul Greene  1:04:01  

I was like, "Why is he talking about a rhubarb pie?" I'm like, "It was supposed to be the script said blueberry."


Kevin McGarry  1:04:06  

Just look for lunch isn't lunch in four hours? I don't know what


Paul Greene  1:04:10  

I did. I know I did that scene alone. You weren't even there. No, I did it with Jack.


Kevin McGarry  1:04:15  

I had to do it later with a green screen. It was somebody else's body with my head on that. Right? Because that I do I feel like we get away with pauses and you know, letting things drop a little bit with drama. I got I just recently just one of the episodes coming up by they put it on ET or whatever. I was watching this thing with Erin and I having this conversation outside of your infirmary. Oh, which I thought of the best joke. I'll tell you later that you should have done but it was I'll tell you that it was it was this.  


Paul Greene  1:04:49  



Kevin McGarry  1:04:49  

We're just having this this talk and we're like, it's nice because we there's like, you know, 94 characters on the show now. And it's just moving so quickly, and we have this kind of scene where everything just kind of just drops for a second, we just don't get to like, just breathe and talk. And that's different than comedy. I mean that I like that better where you feel like you just, you know, you just got to be honest with the given circumstances. So it's not that it's easier. But it's that it's, you can just relate to the reality of it a lot better than, you know, the fact that I would comedy. But the thing that I wanted you to do you know, you're doing the Ned stuff the whole time. And oh, I could probably say this, this so this will probably go before this will air before Sunday, right? Or no, this will air after Sunday.


Paul Greene  1:05:36  

I can air this. I can air this after Sunday.  


Kevin McGarry  1:05:39  

Air it after just in case, just in case they don't know that Ned goes under the knife.


Paul Greene  1:05:44  

They showed it. They showed it in the teaser.


Kevin McGarry  1:05:46  

Yeah, you're right there. That's actually we're talking while you're while you're doing surgery.  


Paul Greene  1:05:50  



Kevin McGarry  1:05:51  

And it didn't make it in the in the show. But it's you and Faith working on. On on Ned. And it's just like a shadows. Like, you know, you're like you have a candle going or whatever. So we see the shadow of you guys like working. And I wanted you to like like it look like you're like pulling up his intestines. Like, you take out his arm and I get a just disembodied person. And then his next scene is him in the bed, which is like a bandaid on his head. Yeah. Yeah, he's fine.


Paul Greene  1:06:22  

It could look like that. Because the way they've shot it was super dramatic. And you I say we were like, it's very easy to make little hand puppets the way they shot. It. That's it's a good workaround because they don't like to show surgery. But let's show the shadow of it, which is...


Kevin McGarry  1:06:38  

But they could have had a lot more fun. Like you pull it out is like, and maybe you know, and I wanted to just keep being like, "Yeah, we got to chop his head off. That's how we do surgery. We take the head off. We rearrange stuff. And definitely put the head back on. And then Carson just keeps killing all these people. He does


Paul Greene  1:06:53  

Right. He's the villain Carson's the villain.


Kevin McGarry  1:06:55  

But  he's trying to help; he doesn't understand it's like, I keep looking at the notes. And in 1918, we were supposed to cut the head off. If there's a problem with your, with your your gallbladder, we cut the head off. And we got to bleed you. Sorry, right. That's what that is how I was listening to a podcast today you know that is how George Washington died.


Paul Greene  1:07:14  

He was bled out?


Kevin McGarry  1:07:15  

He was bled out and that doctors actually thought so this is this is for Carson, that they you know, they thought that your blood was poisoned or you needed to be bled out. So they would they would he came back he had a fever and they're like, "Well, what we're gonna do is we're gonna cut open his veins and we'll bleed him out." So the fever kind of goes out washes out with you know, baby bathwater, and then we'll kind of back up and they killed him.


Paul Greene  1:07:37  

I did not know that.  


Kevin McGarry  1:07:39  

Bled him out.


Paul Greene  1:07:40  

And it was a what, what was the podcast?  


Kevin McGarry  1:07:43  

Conan? It was on a Conan thing. I listened a lot of that Conan O'Brian one. And he's, I mean, it's not a history. I do listen to Dan Carlin's hardcore history, but it Conan's like a presidential history buff, so he knows all about your presidents and he knows all about the American presidents.


Paul Greene  1:08:02  

The American presidents. Do you have a technique? Like you get a script? Do you have a like a method to your madness? Like cuz you have you think like a director like always, you always are trying to find the heart of it. And like anytime there's a you know, you're always thinking about this, for example, with your new movie, like, you're like, what do I what's the heart of this character? Like? What's, what's your technique for when you get a script?  


Kevin McGarry  1:08:30  

I mean, I don't think it differs from much from yours or anybody. Like it's just it's literally what is making? What is what does this person want? What's standing in their way? Both both physically and also emotionally, you know, like, what's, what is what's what can they What do they have to change First of all, to to get what they want internally. And, you know, and as a writer, you look at, you look at the thing is what, what in the script is going to make them change, if anything, a good story should have your character change at the end, right? A good character to be flawed at the beginning, something should happen to them where they change for the good or the bad, the bad, whatever it is, but at the end of the story, they should be changed because of an event outside of their outside of their willing, you know, like so somebody's telling them something or an event happening that causes them to rethink a scenario or being forced into a scenario. So I look at that. But yeah, basically, I mean, it's pretty simple. What do they want? What's the objective that they want? What's holding them back? And you know, and you got to be careful that one too because like sometimes if you're like, you know, when you got "When Calls the Heart" you know, did you did you watch all the seasons before and as a couple, but like what is Nathan need to know about? A couple like the seasons before he does, and it's more interesting. I think if he gets asked about something he knows nothing about it, they gotta talk like, it's you enjoying the town until whatever. So, I mean, shooting style I should look at Of course, and you know, the the flavor of the show.


Paul Greene  1:10:10  

Yeah, the tone, the tone, you know,


Kevin McGarry  1:10:12  

Well there's only like, What does he want? What's standing in his way? How can he get what he wants? You know, and what are the given circumstances of who? And how can he get what he wants under the given circumstances of?


Paul Greene  1:10:24  

Yeah, Yeah, it is. I mean, that's it is similar that we both like that book, "The Practical Guide," actually, I have it here somewhere.


Kevin McGarry  1:10:33  



Paul Greene  1:10:35  

I love that. So simple. Do you go? Are you in acting class when you're not on set? Sometimes Do you do like


Kevin McGarry  1:10:41  

I did, until this started? I can't do the zoom stuff that people are doing. I just find it depressing. It's hard. I it's, I've audited a few. There's some really great teachers actually, I just if anybody is an actor and watching this, there is now an actual teacher that I studied with David Rosenberg just wrote this his kind of take on acting, it's called "Act," I think you can get it on Amazon, "A Modern Actor's Handbook." Modern Id like,


Paul Greene  1:11:07  

What do you like about that book?


Kevin McGarry  1:11:08  

Um, well, I mean, I'm reading First of all, it's, it's I know a lot about this. It's, it gets into sort of, wherever it's, um, it goes along the same lines of what we're kind of talking about. But it does dive deeper into you know, I talked a lot about the swing, what's on the right hand, what's on the left hand, what your right hand being things that your character, like positives, the left hand being things that aren't so grab your kid and like what you play on, you know, how you're gonna play a line on the right hand or on the left hand? it I mean, sounds confusing. It's it's icon of a scene is another thing. I'm a big, big fan of as IPS. So when you look at a scene, you're like, well, it's as if this is happening to me, right? Or it's as if one of the things we were just doing right now, Kayla, I can just think of it but she was auditioning for something where she had to care about this giant thing that was happening. You know, it was like a rally for something huge. That she was being like, if, you know, it was hard for her to wrap her head around how big the event was. But it's easy for her to think well, I care a lot about this, like this thing in my own personal life. So I'll just, I'll just think about that when I'm talking about that big thing. And nobody's gonna know the difference, right? Like, you're just you're talking passionately about something.


Paul Greene  1:12:29  

Yeah. So it's like a magic trick. I know what you mean. Because to possibly be like, excited about watching an imaginary alien, like abduct a small family. But if you imagine like, you know, someone's taking your nephew or your kid and putting them in a van, that's your as if you're like, just take just like cranked up.


Kevin McGarry  1:12:48  

Yeah. Or like, if you know, if you're meeting an alien for the first time, like, I mean, you can't, you can't be like, "well, I'll just act" because you have no idea. But you can think, "Well, maybe what if I went over to a country that I've never been before? And you're meeting the locals?" And you're like, "Hi," you're talking to? You can you can act as that.  


Paul Greene  1:13:05  

Yeah yeah. Do you want to direct?


Kevin McGarry  1:13:09  

Yeah, I think I think that's the next step that's probably gonna get pushed. I think it's, I think the more you can do as, as the entertainment media medium gets bigger and bigger, and we're moving into a weird, wacky world, right, where there's just so much content. And so many actors, you know, and so many people can do this now, and it's changing and the more you can do, the longer you can survive in this kind of,


Paul Greene  1:13:38  

Right. Right. I mean, directors do work hard. You know, it's tricky with having a family like I every time I've shadowed a couple directors and directed some shorts, and you know, I've done the prep for some a couple of Hallmark movies with a couple different directors. And I'm just amazed at how long they work like that not just the day but the weeks prior and then post and I'm just like, well with the family directing is is a little different as actors sort of come in we're not certainly not the first people there and not the last people to leave.


Kevin McGarry  1:14:11  

No, no I know  


Paul Greene  1:14:13  



Kevin McGarry  1:14:14  

You do you think about the directors that work incredibly hard and yeah, like the thing we don't think of a lot of times the prep and and one thing we don't do enough and I'll say this out loud on your on your on your podcast number here. We do not do table reads on "When Calls the Heart" and I don't understand why we don't do that. I can only see it beneficial for the director that's coming in and directing. I don't understand why that it's the only show that I that we've never like met up you know, or like we all take a lunch together and you know if you're not in that day that come in or or it will just get like somebody else to read for your part. But so we can all hear it as a cast. You know, and I don't understand really.


Paul Greene  1:14:53  

I know it's it is maybe it's like because there's so many cast members and there's so many kids. But I can only imagine even with zoom we could do it. I mean, it's not the same but it's still to get the feel. Did you did you see that fast times that? The that Sean Penn did the table read?


Kevin McGarry  1:15:11  

I saw the table read where it was Shia LaBeouf wherever he's really getting high. And


Paul Greene  1:15:16  

He was he was where everyone was concerned. Was he actually?


Kevin McGarry  1:15:20  

I'm pretty sure I think that guy's pretty legitimate and it was taking it seriously. Yeah.


Paul Greene  1:15:26  

I mean, that was that was so entertaining to watch. I was like glued to it. I was like, "What is going on?" And you can see Sean Penn is watching Shia LaBeouf just going like, like snickering and laughing. And


Kevin McGarry  1:15:37  

Yeah, but it's true. But I mean, like, we need that. Like, what, why not have a part of me, you know, the impromptu like, I do like improv, but so I like sometimes to go in and just like not rehearse and be like, well, let's see what happens.  


Paul Greene  1:15:54  



Kevin McGarry  1:15:54  

After verybody's got their, you know, stuff together. But I, I think a table read should happen on every episode. So you're like, yeah,


Paul Greene  1:16:07  

Do you do that on heartland?


Kevin McGarry  1:16:08  

Yeah, everything I've ever done. We've done a table read. This is the only only production we have not done a table read.


Paul Greene  1:16:15  

Yeah, I wonder, I wonder why maybe we can rally for it. If season nine comes together? What's your predictions? Do you think? Do you think season nine is going to happen?


Kevin McGarry  1:16:23  

I don't know. I have no idea. I can say that. I this is the third week in a row now that I've gotten the tweet that we have beat we're the number one show on Sunday nights, which has never happened. So I mean,


Paul Greene  1:16:39  

Be weird not to with that kind of I mean, it seems


Kevin McGarry  1:16:41  

Seems to be weird. I don't know, you know, who knows what's gonna happen? I it's, it's always up to the to the gods that will the the act of Gods when Calls the Heart Gods if it's going to happen or not. But I remember Jack once said he was a... it's very rare, where you're like, yeah, the show, you know, the, some of the best numbers that show ever gets is when it takes in the sixth or seventh season. So that's wild that like, people are just like finding the show. And, you know, I do think what happened in season five, and season six with like, certain characters leaving definitely brought attention to the show, and brought more eyes to the show. And people were like, well, what's gonna happen? And you know, and now we've got all these ads like that. I mean, you know, I mean, you're that john has put up so many questions of what's going to happen, not only you know, you and faith have your thing going on. I'm clearly in a love triangle right now. There's lots of stuff where there's answers that you gotta stick to right to the end. And yeah, I can understand where people are, like, you know, just let us know. But at the same time, this is fun. Like, I mean, yeah, you'll know. But it's, this is tune in because it could go either way for anything. And yeah, it's just part of the fun like, what? I don't understand, like, Don't you want to have a like, isn't it more exciting? Like, it's Christmas, the days leading up to Christmas are always better than, you know, Christmas night where you're like, well, it's done like that every day. And it was fun. And then it's up. So this is all leading up to what it's gonna be.


Paul Greene  1:18:18  

Yeah, do. My mom is his Team Nathan then and she keeps asking me like, "Mom, you don't want me to know that you don't want me to tell you." And then and you know, people are messaging me all the time. "Are you leaving the show? Because Carson's got a thing in Baltimore." And I'm like, "You really don't want me to tell you." like you think


Kevin McGarry  1:18:34  

They don't know you come back as a ghost?


Paul Greene  1:18:36  

They nobody knew that.  


Kevin McGarry  1:18:38  

Oh, no!


Paul Greene  1:18:39  

I can delete that I can delete that.


Kevin McGarry  1:18:41  

Oh good! That you haunt the town Carson haunts the town.


Paul Greene  1:18:47  

Yeah, so what Tell me about Heartland and When Calls the Heart like that? How are the fans similar? And how are they different?


Kevin McGarry  1:18:54  

They're similar as they watch the same show. There's a lot of people that watch Heartland and When Calls the Heart you know, I mean, they're both family-friendly shows without a doubt the period tight the the timing of the shows are different. One has more horses on it. Heartland it's a, I'd say there's more modern problems that are dealt with in Heartland clearly, you know, that there it can be a little bit edgier than, you know, then then what the Hallmark shows could be sometimes, you know, although I will say this year, John is with the edges. It's been I would say and  


Paul Greene  1:19:30  

Yeah, probably since season one or two. Like I know, there was a lot of things going on with  


Kevin McGarry  1:19:34  

Season one and two, it was almost like a different show right away. I mean, the way we shot and then you know, even the people behind him it was different but yes, it's Yeah, you know, it's it's some of the stuff that it's happening and yeah, it's the edges I've seen it since joining so but I would say Heartland you know it doesn't have that Heartland or the the Hallmark bubble over it. So it doesn't have to, you know, stay within it's, it's parameters. I mean, it's still CBC like it still does. But it's there can just be a bit more of an edge I would say.


Paul Greene  1:20:08  

Yeah, yeah. Well, I want to ask you quick just about the audition your audition for When Calls the Heart, but my battery's gonna die. Do you have to go the bathroom? I do.


Kevin McGarry  1:20:16  

I do. Yeah.


Paul Greene  1:20:17  

Yeah. So I'm gonna grab my charger. I'll meet you back here like 30 seconds. Well, 90 seconds. Did you grab Did you grab another Diet Coke?


Kevin McGarry  1:20:30  

I did.


Paul Greene  1:20:31  

So is the reason you get them so small is the reason you get them so small is that you drink less technically?


Kevin McGarry  1:20:36  

That way I can have one and I dropped this on the floor too. So let's see. Oh, it's fine.  


Paul Greene  1:20:44  

Mouth it. You got it?  


Kevin McGarry  1:20:45  

I got it.  


Paul Greene  1:20:48  

How? How's your how's your time? You doing good for a couple more minutes?  


Kevin McGarry  1:20:52  

Oh, yeah, we can do? Yeah, we're good.  


Paul Greene  1:20:54  

You're good. Okay, good. Well, you always wear Toronto Maple Leafs hat. No,it's a CBC,


Kevin McGarry  1:21:03  

CBC, I wear aToronto.Blue Jays hat


Paul Greene  1:21:08  

A Toronto Blue Jays hat. That's right. That's it. I'm leaving. I hate I hate the Blue Jays. No, I don't  


Kevin McGarry  1:21:16  

You hate the Blue Jays?  


Paul Greene  1:21:18  

I don't I'm Canadian. I don't I don't. I don't hate anything Canadian. Like what's, what's the what's difference between Canadians and Americans from your perspective?


Kevin McGarry  1:21:30  

Oh, my God, I thought we're gonna talk about my audition and you just come back with


Paul Greene  1:21:33  

We are no work work.  


Kevin McGarry  1:21:34  

What's the difference with Americans and Canadians? I think? I mean, how deep you want to get here? I think there's I think there's lots of differences. I think. I think America is great. I do want to say that I do. I think I mean are we getting into politics here? And I think America is Marco, is a fantastic place of opportunity. And I, you know, we talk a lot about like going there and then kind of setting up shop there. I do think there's a division that's happening there right now. That is it'd be nice to get it under control. Yeah, I have hope that this pandemic is going to come to an end this year. I will say, you know, for the kind of, again, excuse me, but the kind of shit show that is the pandemic in America right now. The vaccine is rolling out so quickly. I mean, you guys are really on top of that. We were quite behind here in Canada. I I'm I asked a few I believe it. But I I do wonder sometimes some of the choices on on on the pandemic. Like I can't believe like we don't have a facility in Canada that makes vaccines, you know, so we're we're we're sitting around here waiting to get these the shipments in for things to like, open up, like we're talking about, we're going back into lockdown again, which is sad. Right, and you know, you guys are rolling them out a lot faster. And then I can see America coming back in a strong way in 2021. So I have hope.You know, I think I think we need each other you know, Canada and America. I know, like you said we supply a lot of energy. There's a ton of energy that comes out. That gets imported to to America. But you know, Canada, especially where I am, like, Toronto was upstate New York, we you know, I can I worked at a theater festival that I could look across the water into New York, like it's, it's, we're right there. You've got Wisconsin is higher than I am, you're gonna talk about like the great white north, I'm lower than Wisconsin. So I feel like our culture is is we do have a seat. I am proud of a lot of Canadian culture in the wrong but but the things that we watch on TV and the idols that we have. It's it's very American, you know, I have hope for both countries that 2021 is going to be a booming year that we're going to we're going to nip this in the bud. Go forward. And yeah,


Paul Greene  1:24:26  

Yeah. I mean, so many of so many comedians, and so many actors that people think are American are actually Canadian, like we have for such a small country in terms of population, the amount of musicians and actors that are Canadian, it's quite we have a very big talent pool about  


Kevin McGarry  1:24:47  

Yeah, and Canadians are so on top of telling you who's Canadian


Paul Greene  1:24:51  

That's true!


Kevin McGarry  1:24:53  

to watch something to go he's Canadian or she's just like they are they did come up here first. So Yeah, right.


Paul Greene  1:25:01  

Right. I whenever I think about you, I think of like you. Let me think let me this is this is this is what I think about Kevin.  


Kevin McGarry  1:25:11  

I can't wait. This is why I signed on for this.


Paul Greene  1:25:14  

Right. Alright, so first thing that comes to mind. And Kate actually said this same thing is that you're very real. And Kate, you're Kate's favorite. My fiance Kate, you're her favorite. She's like, "He's just down to earth. He's down to earth. He's funny, but he's heartfelt" and, and she's she you're you're you're her favorite.  


Kevin McGarry  1:25:35  



Paul Greene  1:25:35  

But but but when I them but when I think  


Kevin McGarry  1:25:39  

I hateyou.


Paul Greene  1:25:41  

you're you're number seven for me, okay?


Kevin McGarry  1:25:43  

Okay on Paul's call sheet.All Right.  


Paul Greene  1:25:47  

No, I think you know, I you take your you take things seriously. But with a light heart like you're, you're you're like with our show like you, you're not so serious that it makes you stressed out. But you're, you know, you know what you care about sort of what's really going on not just like, you, you put a lot of your heart and a lot of your soul into it and you care. But you care with this whimsical kind of goofball. You bring a lot of fun to it, which is which is really, which is a really great characteristic that you have I think.


Kevin McGarry  1:26:24  

That's a sweet thing to say, Paul. Oh, yeah, I do actually something about you now? Is this  


Paul Greene  1:26:28  

No, no, no.  


Kevin McGarry  1:26:29  

Okay. All right.  


Paul Greene  1:26:30  

Well, no, no, that's not


Kevin McGarry  1:26:32  

That was very sweet of you to say, and I'm only whimsical because I'm getting ready to be just you know, in case you care about something and something's like it's not gonna happen up just let go a lot easier when you're like, "Okay, I didn't. It's all right. And I didn't care that much anyway," so then you're crying on the inside. But  


Paul Greene  1:26:49  

Do you have Do you have a role like that, that you were close to that you cried a little on the inside?  


Kevin McGarry  1:26:55  

Yeah, it  


Paul Greene  1:26:55  

Wasn't it wasn't Hamilton wasn't at Hamilton?  


Kevin McGarry  1:26:58  

No, I wish I was close. I was close to Book of Mormon.  


Paul Greene  1:27:02  

Right? That'swhat it was.


Kevin McGarry  1:27:03  

The Book of Mormon. And Once. And there was just a couple projects here that I was pretty close to that I thought was gonna happen. I mean, you know, anytime that happens, it's just tough. It's, there's nothing worse actually, you know, as to like, when your agent calls, you're like, "hey, you're pinned for something," or "you're, you know, you're number two," or, like, tell me when I have the job. Don't tell me I'm pinned for something because in my head, I, you just told me I have the job. And you know, I'm dividing my time now to that are spending that money.


Paul Greene  1:27:35  

buying another motorbike?


Kevin McGarry  1:27:36  

Yeah, exactly. So like, unless they're like, "Yeah, he's got it." Don't tell me anything. So it can be tough. You know, I mean, this is, you know, this career is it We're so lucky to do what we do. But we're, we're even luckier, even big be in the circle where we're, where we're working. Because there's so many people want to do this. Yeah. And and, and I hope that there's something for everybody looking right. And, you know, everybody's got their strengths and weaknesses. And, and the great thing about all this content that's coming out, is that there is more and more places for everyone. You know, and and i think that's great. And I am I'm all about inclusivity inclusivity inclusivity in in,  


Paul Greene  1:28:19  

Yeah, I like it.


Kevin McGarry  1:28:19  

in, in all in all media forms to kind of that we're seeing now and you know, even this I mean, you and I work at Hallmark that the steps that they're making is incredible, I'm proud to say you know that I'm I worked for this company that now is taking these this initiatives, which is really nice.


Paul Greene  1:28:36  

Yeah, they're they're doing some big strides with you with in all the different areas that you know, they've always been really ahead of the game with having strong female leads, right? So people were tough on them because of their diversity conversation. But when you really in some other ways they were writing for women way in a really powerful way and having good women directors too. I've worked with a couple of them and but I'm with you I think that there's some of the changes of Hallmark are going to be great for you know, a bigger group of people and you know, the fans let's talk about the Hearties just for a second like what was your What was your first like, time you realize that like holy smokes, like this is a massive movement and how does it compare to the Heartland fans, like is was is the Hearties movement, let's say bigger or is it was it more engaged or like how Tell me about your Hearties experience?


Kevin McGarry  1:29:30  

Well, I guess I when I would say that they lean in you know, together I think there's a lot of Hearties that watch Heartland if you have heart right. If you have heart in your show, the Hearties will watch it Heart of Dixie and I don't know. I don't know what it was. What was the one I was in that had hear it it? Open Heart!  I wonder if anyone anyone watch open because that's medicals for that I was on was called Open Heart. I only do shows that have heart in them.


Paul Greene  1:29:56  

Right right right lots of heart and you bring so much of your heart.  


Kevin McGarry  1:29:58  

Yes. My first introduction to the Hearties was I mean, positivity, they're lovely group of people, they're very positive, unless you are taking over the part of a beloved character and then it gets, they get, you know, the walls go up a little bit to be like, "who is this person what?" And I can't blame them. Don't get me wrong because they watched the show for five seasons, they want Jack and Elizabeth to be together so much. They hold it for five years. And then they get married. And it's like, "Oh, God, thank you. That's what we wanted the whole time." And then the next episode, he dies. And then in the next episode, they're like, here's his replacement. They're just like, "who's doing what?" You know? And, and of course, you know, like, they're only kind of juggling the almost juggling the balls that I've been given for the show. And I think they've done a great job. Like, like I said, you know, the ratings have not gone down which they've only kind of gone up as people are interested to see what's in the future for for the citizens of Hope Valley. But I think it was a slow burn for me for the Hearties, you know, it was at the beginning, it was a little bit animosity, like nobody really knew what who I was and what was going on, or, you know, and then to see a, you know, a new character in the iconic costume, that wardrobe that that they're there. Lastly, the man was in, I can understand that they were probably a little miffed. But as I've been on that show, you know, it's it's, it's been kind of nice to in a way that Nathan was written that, you know, he when I first came on, I think it was like episode five, or four or five or whatever. And then season six, we really played a lot with like, the townspeople kind of being leery around him like being like, Who's this new guy or whatever? And it was kind of the reaction that I was getting a lot from fans as well. And then slowly as people start accepting, like, I feel like Nathan what has been really nice for Nathan, is that he's had to work harder, I think, to be friends with people in this town because he comes in you know, like I said, like he's he's he's, he's taking the job of this beloved character that was on the show. And he's got to work whether he knows it or not, he's got to work a little extra. A little higher, a little harder than a lot of other people because, you know, they miss Jack, of course, but something that he did wrong, like it's this or is it? It depends when this comes up.You know? Yeah, I mean, I think that's great that they, again, I don't know when you're when you're putting this out. But but the fact that  


Paul Greene  1:32:53  

Well, there's more tease, they've teased the fact that your character and him were at the same place already.  


Kevin McGarry  1:32:59  



Paul Greene  1:32:59  

That's, that's come out. So that's all that's all. Any that's all I know, I haven't read the scripts.


Kevin McGarry  1:33:03  

Okay. I know you don't read? Yeah. My part.  


Paul Greene  1:33:05  

My line, my line, my line  


Kevin McGarry  1:33:08  

Um, me, too. It's, um, I'm very happy that they're letting us do the storyline. I mean, this is something that Erin and I kind of pitched in season seven, I think, this this kind of connection with the two of them. So yeah, yeah, it is. We'll see what happens. But yeah, I mean, ultimately, to where it was from where it started where it is, now. There is a lot of like, just lovely Hearties out there that have that are very supportive, you know, of the character, but also of you know, the show in general. And just just like the show, like it's not, I think sometimes too, and I get it because that's how they're selling the show. And that's how they're selling that's how they're doing the commercials and stuff like what team are you? But at the end of the day, it's it really is people are tuning into the show, because they love the show. They love all the characters Carson and, and Faith and Bill and, you know, and Elizabeth and Hickam and Fiona, like it's, it's, I understand why they're selling it the way they are. But at the same time, it still is, you know, the show, and the Hearties are fans of the show, and it's nice to be part of that ensemble with you guys.


Paul Greene  1:34:19  

It is what's been Yeah, it's been great having you on to you and what you just have


Kevin McGarry  1:34:26  

me whatever that guy's name is, right.


Paul Greene  1:34:28  

You and that other guy? Yeah. So what team What team are you?


Kevin McGarry  1:34:33  

I've been Team Hickam since season six. I don't understand.


Paul Greene  1:34:37  

Why. Right.


Kevin McGarry  1:34:39  

You know, this bachelor and Ben got big this year too many pushups that guy can do?Yeah.  


Paul Greene  1:34:45  

Like, like 100 and a row or something?  


Kevin McGarry  1:34:47  

Yeah. Oh, I think he can do do more. I think he's like at 300.


Paul Greene  1:34:50  

in a row?


Kevin McGarry  1:34:51  



Paul Greene  1:34:52  



Kevin McGarry  1:34:53  

Yeah, he started this whole program.


Paul Greene  1:34:55  

I got to talk to Ben about that 300. Yeah, he did get big. He got buff. So For your team, you're Team Hickam. What? What team is Kayla?


Kevin McGarry  1:35:05  

Kayla, what team are you? She's thinking. She's coming over.


Kayla Wallace  1:35:14  

I'm trying to think where we are in the storyline right now.


Kevin McGarry  1:35:18  

What does that have to do with it? What team are you right now?


Kayla Wallace  1:35:21  

I was Team Nathan.


Kevin McGarry  1:35:22  

Wait a minute you what? Wait are you planning on changing? You know what happens.  


Kayla Wallace  1:35:28  

I'm talking to you as a Heartie not as your partner right now. I think I'm I was Team Nathan but I think I'm maybe Team Lucas right now.


Kevin McGarry  1:35:39  

This is news to me. And I'm not happy with this news.


Paul Greene  1:35:41  

It's quite hurtful.


Kayla Wallace  1:35:43  

I'm team Baby Jack.


Kevin McGarry  1:35:47  

There you've not seen enough will we say like I mean Erin's really just or Elizabeth really just let that baby run free. While she  while she goes on dates.


Kayla Wallace  1:35:55  

I think with code with COVID this year. It was harder.  


Kevin McGarry  1:35:59  

I know. I've got it. We've got it. We had to have some reason why.


Paul Greene  1:36:03  

Yeah. Kayla, what about your character Fiona this season? Like what do you think is been happening with her? Like, do you like what's been happening with your characters? Are you excited about like, what's what's coming for your character? Like, do you have anything to say about Fiona?


Kayla Wallace  1:36:18  

I love that she started a brand new business. She's a strong woman. No, she started her own business. That was cool. Um, I loved the this the scene with the explosion that was fun too.


Kevin McGarry  1:36:36  

Yeah where were you?  


Paul Greene  1:36:38  

I was preparing. I should have been out there. I know. I fought for that. But it didn't happen. I had to stay back and get ready for the body count.


Kayla Wallace  1:36:46  

It makes sense for any injuries that we're about to bring back?  


Paul Greene  1:36:50  

I guess.


Kayla Wallace  1:36:51  



Kevin McGarry  1:36:52  

I could have used your help.  


Kayla Wallace  1:36:53  

I miss my switchboard. I'll say that about Fiona.  


Kevin McGarry  1:36:55  

You were funny with the switchboard. When you hit the


Kayla Wallace  1:36:59  

Thanks. I miss. Yeah, I missed my switchboard a little bit. But I mean, the barbershop's. Pretty cool. So  


Paul Greene  1:37:06  



Kevin McGarry  1:37:08  

Next season if it happens, Fiona opens up a


Paul Greene  1:37:14  

modeling agency,  


Kevin McGarry  1:37:16  

a modelmodeling agency? Oh my god  


Paul Greene  1:37:18  

Hope Valley modeling agency.


Kayla Wallace  1:37:20  

I know who my first client  


Kevin McGarry  1:37:23  

should be. I know that. You know the Australian who always asks how your day is. He goes, "How you doin' mate? All right. All right?"  


Paul Greene  1:37:29  

Yeah, I love that guy.


Kevin McGarry  1:37:30  

He should be the first guy  


Kayla Wallace  1:37:31  

Yeah he should  


Kevin McGarry  1:37:32  

He should be the first model that comes on.


Kayla Wallace  1:37:36  

Number two and three. You know that right?


Paul Greene  1:37:38  

When we do well, we're glad you're on the show. We're Wait, we're number two and three. What?


Kevin McGarry  1:37:43  



Kayla Wallace  1:37:44  

well, who's heard in my? No, for my new modeling it Fiona's new modeling agency. Australian guy he's my first client that I'll sign the deal with.


Kevin McGarry  1:37:53  

What about Hickam?  


Kayla Wallace  1:37:55  

Oh, yeah, I did  


Paul Greene  1:37:56  

he'll do this.


Kevin McGarry  1:37:56  

Have you seen Hickam without a shirt on?


Kayla Wallace  1:37:59  

Instagram has  


Kevin McGarry  1:38:00  

all the all the characters he's creating on Instagram?


Kayla Wallace  1:38:04  



Kevin McGarry  1:38:05  

he does look great I just like that he's like, "I'm working on this new character. Here's a photo naked photos." anyways


Kayla Wallace  1:38:12  

Paul I didn't get to ask How are you?


Kevin McGarry  1:38:15  

Oh, wow. Oh wow. Way to turn this around and make me seem like a total idiot.


Kayla Wallace  1:38:20  

Have you even asked once?


Kevin McGarry  1:38:22  

I think I have asked.  


Paul Greene  1:38:25  

No, he hasn't. He hasn't. I really appreciate that. We're really really good. I've been busy in this studio interviewing really interesting people and having these kind of long form conversations where we just and I got some really fun ones Candace Cameron's coming on soon and I just had I just had Andrea on. And you know Justin, Baldoni?


Kevin McGarry  1:38:49  

No. Oh wait. Isn't he your friend? I've may have seen like one of your Instagram things before.


Paul Greene  1:38:53  

No he he's on j Jane The Virgin and he wrote a book called "Man Enough." He did a really cool TED Talk. You guys would you guys would love jet he's so interesting. He's actually married to a former girlfriend of mine from years back.  


Kevin McGarry  1:39:08  

Oh, wow.  


Paul Greene  1:39:09  

Yeah, yeah, really cool guy and he's coming on but this this has been you know what I've been doing on the you know, my Monday is kind of what day is today? Wednesday well


Kevin McGarry  1:39:17  

It's not Monday. So


Paul Greene  1:39:18  

it's Thursday. It's not even Wednesday. But I have I have like my my keyboard here and and bunch of you know,  


Kevin McGarry  1:39:29  

Are you in Lake Arrowhead now?


Paul Greene  1:39:30  

No, this is the beach This is Marina Del Rey. But thanks for asking, Kayla. We're great. Kate's we're busy. We Kate and I are doing a course. My son is crazy busy. He's got a couple jobs and but we still play volleyball. And I've been writing a lot of songs and I do these live concerts on YouTube and Facebook. Which is similar to what we did in my trailer with Kevin. But so lots and lots of music in Arrowhead too. We're just at Arrowhead yesterday for a couple days. We've sort of rebuilt and redesigned and are using it as a bit of an Airbnb when when we don't want to use it and it's been the most amazing thing to be out there. We were out there for a year during the most of the biggest lockdown.


Kevin McGarry  1:40:14  

Yeah. Oh great. A great spot to be during the lockdown. I saw your boat pictures in there.


Paul Greene  1:40:21  

I know. I know. It's it's the Wild West up there, man. There's like it's it's a different community.  


Kayla Wallace  1:40:29  

Great, glad to hear you're doing well. Yeah, I'm glad that I was here to ask that question.


Kevin McGarry  1:40:34  

I'm so happy you made me look a fool. The millions of people that are watching this, it's nice to know.


Paul Greene  1:40:43  

Nice. Yeah, at least right now currently,


Kevin McGarry  1:40:46  

you can see right how many on your switchboard? Is it lit enough is your switchboard.


Paul Greene  1:40:51  

It's my switchboard. There's you should see the comments.


Kevin McGarry  1:40:53  

Every time Kayla comes on the switchboard lights up.


Paul Greene  1:40:56  

It's true. It's true. You are good for you drinking your water. I'm out of my green water. So I'm gonna


Kevin McGarry  1:41:03  

I've done my both my diet cokes now go back to water.


Paul Greene  1:41:06  

Yes, I mean when did why when did the Diet Coke habit? Start?


Kevin McGarry  1:41:12  

Well, actually, Kayla started up again.  


Kayla Wallace  1:41:14  

We're both badf for each other. I this is  


Kevin McGarry  1:41:17  

bad for each other? Is this how you tell me?  


Kayla Wallace  1:41:18  



Kevin McGarry  1:41:18  

on a live podcast?  


Kayla Wallace  1:41:19  

I also I just love the taste, but whenever I drink it, it doesn't feel like it's in line with who I am. If you know  


Paul Greene  1:41:28  

Your morals Yeah,  


Kayla Wallace  1:41:30  

but the taste I gotta find something similar. It's just but  


Kevin McGarry  1:41:35  

we we all have our vices. Mine is Diet Coke. Kayla's hardcore Peyote. And we just live our lives you know, we just  


Paul Greene  1:41:43  

hardcore like there's a mild like there's a mild core Payote and I'm hardcore


Kevin McGarry  1:41:47  

The light sprinkling of the like a salt. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know,


Paul Greene  1:41:54  

we're just do out we're we're really glad that both you guys are the Hearties are too. Really glad to both you guys are on When Calls the Heart. I came on season four. Just a couple before you  


Kevin McGarry  1:42:04  

Just before Yeah, we did. Yeah.


Paul Greene  1:42:06  

Yeah, I came in for and, you know, bad. You were saying that my Carson did actually kill his wife.  


Kevin McGarry  1:42:14  

I know.


Paul Greene  1:42:15  

In a  brain surgery.


Kevin McGarry  1:42:17  

Cuz He cut her head off. Because Carson thinks cutting  people's heads off. He's like, this is how we do surgery. We cut their head off when we like, you know, retool, and we put it back on and everyone's like, are you sure it just doesn't need like, yeah, no screws back on? I'm a doctor. I know what I'm talking about I saw that. Right? Yes.


Paul Greene  1:42:33  

Yes, you are. Yeah. Yeah.  


Kevin McGarry  1:42:36  

It was great. I'm sorry that you killed your wife, though. They did. But you and Andrea wouldn't be together. Or Faith.


Paul Greene  1:42:43  

Are we together? I mean,


Kevin McGarry  1:42:45  

you're together. Yeah. I don't know.


Paul Greene  1:42:48  

I don't know. I mean, I can't I can't. This season's been very hard to under figure out for Carson does. I don't know.


Kevin McGarry  1:42:56  

Are we at the point yet where Clara leaves Jessie for Carson. Can we say that? Are we at that far yet?


Paul Greene  1:43:02  

jet? No, no, Jesse left Clara for Carson.


Kevin McGarry  1:43:05  

No Hickam


Paul Greene  1:43:07  

Hickam. Yeah cuz Hickam started a gym. Hickame started a gym in the back.


Kevin McGarry  1:43:13  

Yeah Hickam's Big Boy muscle room.


Kayla Wallace  1:43:15  

Actually one of the things there's one great background actor that has a pair of boxing gloves. Have you ever seen him? in the background. He's got his boxing gloves, just walking around.


Kevin McGarry  1:43:28  

He's older. He's the older man.He's very sweet  


Kayla Wallace  1:43:31  

He's got them slung over his shoulder. And it's just the coolest thing. So we were Ben and I were talking I think you were in the conversation too. How cool would it be to have a boxing studio and help out?


Kevin McGarry  1:43:42  

Well, actually, Ben tell the story was it was it was a scene. Somebody was doing a scene. And this man was in the background. And they gave him boxing gloves as a prop. He was walking in the back of the scene and he like stopped in frame. It was like, like and then just kept walking. And Ben was like, I don't care what is happening on the what is what's that guy's story? Where is he going? Who is he fighting? That's interesting. is where's the boxing ring? Who is that man boxing? Yeah, I think that guy could be number five. Oh, yeah,


Paul Greene  1:44:19  

yes, yes. Yes, I did. I don't even know which guy you're talking about. But I think they're the boxing That would be so great. And then then Ben can have a shirt off on when it'd be the first time I heard anyone's had their shirt off would be in the boxing ring.  


Kevin McGarry  1:44:30  

You haven't done it?  


Paul Greene  1:44:31  

I was supposed to when I first got injured in season four, which I'm sure you haven't seen but Carson comes in and just his rib. I tried to save a girl from a team of horses. And it was written that my shirt comes off. I talked to Andrea about this a few days ago.


Kevin McGarry  1:44:45  

Wait Yeah. How is that possibly written?  


Paul Greene  1:44:47  

It was written.  


Kevin McGarry  1:44:48  

I Know but how? Like was it did she like  


Paul Greene  1:44:50  

English? Like typed someone typed it.


Kevin McGarry  1:44:52  

I get it. I get it, how it was literally written. How is it written that poor woman who was torn apart by stallions somehow like grabs your shirt off or something or maybe are you like Hold on a second if you come in with  


Paul Greene  1:45:08  

No woman was torn apart by stallions. I saved a girl from a team of horses and I put my rib out and I go into see Andrea who's a nurse, and that my shirts off. And I said to Andrea's like, "is this gonna happen?" She's like, "never" and I ended up having three shirts on. And no kidding and she put her hand inside like the first layer and to check the rib. And then Carson knew that it was an intercostal and she's like, "Are you a doctor?" That's where I started to give away that I wasn't a food truck chef,


Kevin McGarry  1:45:39  

which is what you originally brought on us right


Paul Greene  1:45:41  

it's my my back my backstory was Yeah, yeah, well they work the chuck wagons which is like the food


Kevin McGarry  1:45:49  

like Carson specialty mac and cheese. You go up and down the one street that we have. I'm sorry. Yeah. Although you do get away I mean, you have you get you have the lowest button up. You have you have the lowest button I would say that is allowed on the show.  


Paul Greene  1:46:06  

That's because when no one's looking I just  


Kevin McGarry  1:46:07  

You're walking a fine line with that button. It is Hallmark scandal.


Paul Greene  1:46:13  

It is basically excuse Yeah,


Kevin McGarry  1:46:15  

your ankles and your low are going to send us into a PG rating. So watch it guys. We're gonna lose a whole a whole team of fans.


Paul Greene  1:46:25  

But who do you Who do you think would be best for Elizabeth like let's be real here like like Nathan's vhstsvyrt. Both of you can weigh in on this. Nathan's character is risky again for her. But Lucas is also kind of mysterious, like so what's the deal?


Kevin McGarry  1:46:41  

You know, they both offer good things I will say. I guess I'm trying to give you a serious answer. Do you have one? Yeah. Okay.


Kayla Wallace  1:46:54  

It's completely, you know, if I was if I didn't know what happened, and I'm looking at everything.


Kevin McGarry  1:47:02  

Yeah. But you didn't answer well.


Kayla Wallace  1:47:08  

I kind of think Mountie, like


Kevin McGarry  1:47:14  

I this is what I think I think. And again, we can be proven wrong. I think Lucas is so great. Don't get me wrong. I get it. He is he is the Prince Charming that it's like, oh my god, you've got a handsome guy. He's got money. He says the right things. Something's got to give like there's no character that comes on and is like, "I am the most perfect man in the world." And  


Paul Greene  1:47:37  

straight man straight man.  


Kevin McGarry  1:47:39  

Yeah, that's, that could be the twist again. You have no idea. So, you know, I find Nathan. I find there's a lot more external factors keeping Nathan and Elizabeth apart. And I wonder if they weren't there if they would find each other faster. And you know, I think Nathan has his cuts and bruises and scars. And you know, it's it's Yeah, and and Elizabeth has her cuts and bruises and scars. Now, it depends, you know, which way do they go? I don't know. Maybe. And maybe, and of course, Lucas could be much more than just, you know, pretty face and money and all this perfect stuff. But as it is written right now, in the episodes that I've seen, I would be just curious to be you know, it's like when somebody when something's too good to be true.


Paul Greene  1:48:34  

Hmm, usually, yeah. That's, that's what my son when he walks by, and he sees When Calls the Heart on if we're like, tweeting, he's like, "I don't like that guy and his character." He's like, "There's something there's something shifty about him." like Oliver, and my mom agrees. My mom is team Nathaniel.


Kevin McGarry  1:48:50  

Yeah. Well, I love your mom. And now I love your son, too. And I it's, you know what, maybe we'll see. I mean, we're only in a certain episode right now. Maybe we'll find out. Luca has got a terrible secret where he's been chopping people's heads off. We don't know. We don't know what's going on.


Paul Greene  1:49:07  

Well, and you have some secrets. Like we're probably gonna we're gonna find out as


Kevin McGarry  1:49:12  

season eight has not been kind to Nathan. I will say I've, you know, the ones that I've seen Nathan goes through it a lot this season. There's a lot of stuff that is like, oh, and on top of that, this is going to happen to you. Oh, yeah, we're gonna do this to you. And we're gonna do this. Yeah. And I think it's great. I mean, it's so much fun to play. Don't get me wrong.  


Paul Greene  1:49:31  



Kevin McGarry  1:49:32  

Because I've said before what's what's the fun of being like just, you know, just spread your grace because a good turnout but what's what's the fun of being like, you know, perfect all the time that you want to, we fall in love with we fall in love with people's flaws. You know?  


Paul Greene  1:49:48  



Kevin McGarry  1:49:48  

We're attracted at the beginning that people like the you know, the great quality, perfect qualities, but when you fall in love with somebody, you fall in love with their flaws.


Paul Greene  1:50:00  

Well, before I get to the fan questions, and I just have a couple fan questions, Kayla, what is your How did you get into music? And why are you like, what's your music as special to you as acting? Or is there one that's more important to you?


Kayla Wallace  1:50:13  

I mean, I would say it's I, when I was in high school, I thought I was going to go the music route. And then I went to a performing arts college and fell in love with film. And that was the way that the world took me. But my, my dad is super, he's like the music encyclopedia, he he knows any classic rock, anything, anything, any song, he's the one who gave me my love for music. And then in high school, I got super into singing, and I learned to play along to myself singing and I would do performances in coffee shops. And then the whole acting thing came along, but music is near and dear to my heart. And it will always be a big part of my life.


Kevin McGarry  1:51:03  

When we first started hanging out. Before we were dating, we would be like driving a car, whatever. And I'd be putting on songs and like telling Kayla about certain bands or whatever and she goes like, "you're just like my dad." And I was like, "God, stop calling me Your dad." Now you know that he's easy understand what it is. But at the time I was like this girl just keeps like referring to him father and meet like  


Paul Greene  1:51:30  

daddy issues.


Kevin McGarry  1:51:33  

Calling me your dad  


Kayla Wallace  1:51:34  

great taste in music. My dad's gpt great taste in music. You've got great taste in music, and we all love to play music. So


Paul Greene  1:51:42  

why don't you guys do something like on your socials where you're singing a really cool song together. I want to hear you guys sing together. You did one, right?


Kevin McGarry  1:51:51  

It's been so busy with these cameo things. Yeah, you just need a second. I think it's just good. I don't spend a ton a ton of time on social media. And I mean, it's all for charity. So it's okay, but it is just like they come in and you're like it hangs over. You're like I gotta do 15


Paul Greene  1:52:05  

I know it. Well, I know.  


Kayla Wallace  1:52:07  

Yeah, you do.  


Paul Greene  1:52:08  

I think I've done 470  I'm on a streak. I'm like on a 440 streak or something.


Kevin McGarry  1:52:17  

Let me break a streak if you don't do one, right. Like,


Paul Greene  1:52:20  



Kevin McGarry  1:52:20  

we got i think is 100 or something that that's pretty good since whatchamacallit. Since we'd like one Wednesday, so  


Paul Greene  1:52:28  

You've don 100 since Wednesday?


Kevin McGarry  1:52:30  

yeah. Been a lot. And I think you know, it's just the timing of kind of what it is and the support or whatever. But it is it has been a lot.


Paul Greene  1:52:41  

Well, you know, I do those I do fundraisers every month on my live concerts, maybe in April, which we're now Happy Happy April, we should do that Canadian performing arts as the charity, I always pick a charity for every one and maybe you could like, I don't know, somehow just make a message that we're doing it or something. I think that'd be a good cause to to raise because there's tips that come in on my concerts and I put them towards a charity. Great on the Sunday ones. Not all of them. But I but yeah, so yeah, maybe we'll we'll talk about that. That might that might be good to help get some money to the actors who aren't acting. Yeah.


Kevin McGarry  1:53:21  

Sounds great.


Paul Greene  1:53:22  

Yeah. Well, time for a couple fan questions. And then I'm gonna let you let you go.


Kayla Wallace  1:53:28  

Yeah, he can answer these all by himself, right?


Kevin McGarry  1:53:33  

I don't know. Does she get half the pay?  


Paul Greene  1:53:36  

I don't know who's better.  


Kevin McGarry  1:53:37  

And by pay I mean, the dis the coupon you're going to give me for Yoga Fruz? That's how you get right for people that have been on these things.  


Paul Greene  1:53:46  

Yes, yes.  


Kevin McGarry  1:53:47  

Do we get one now or do we each get our own oupon?


Paul Greene  1:53:50  

I have two coupons for Yoga Fruz.


Kevin McGarry  1:53:53  

Yes. So we both get ourown. It's we're not going to share the coupon.  


Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I like that. Better. You're better when she's on.


Just, you know, you're the fourth person that said that today.


Kayla Wallace  1:54:06  

Right. Goodbye again.  


Paul Greene  1:54:09  



Kayla Wallace  1:54:10  

friend. So nice to see your face.


Paul Greene  1:54:12  

Yes. So nice to see you too. I'm gonna give him back to you here in a few minutes. I can. He's in hot. He's in hot demand. It's just between you and the cameos. There's like, what's there's just  


Kayla Wallace  1:54:22  

We have a line-up out the door.


Kevin McGarry  1:54:25  

We'll get to you all in a minute. Yeah,


Paul Greene  1:54:27  

yeah. With and you're giving everybody mini diet cokes as refreshments


Kevin McGarry  1:54:31  

and I'm drinking them soon to be yoga. fruz once we get those coupons. Okay.


Paul Greene  1:54:36  

Okay, bye. Bye, Kayla. All right, buddy. We're gonna wrap we're gonna wrap this up. But I put out a couple of requests to hear what the fans want to know about you. And are you ready?


Kevin McGarry  1:54:45  

I'm ready.  


Paul Greene  1:54:46  

All right,  


Kevin McGarry  1:54:47  



Paul Greene  1:54:49  

Oh, shoot. There's no I don't have any questions.  


Kevin McGarry  1:54:51  

Oh, no.  


Paul Greene  1:54:54  

This is this is from Soh Amy Law. What is your biggest pet peeve?


Kevin McGarry  1:54:58  

biggest pet peeve. People dragging their feet. Oh man that gets me you know you're walking down like a street and somebody's walking too close to you behind your knees. You were even in front of you. I just Pick up your feet. I don't understand it. I know it's destroying your shoes. It must be hard on your thighs and your your quads.  


Paul Greene  1:55:16  

I agree. Yeah, it's like chewing gum with their mouth open. Like it's a bad one.  


Kevin McGarry  1:55:20  

Yeah, yeah, I've done I mean, the chewing gum thing I can get around. It's not great. But it's a great character thing. Like if you ever do an audition, you're like,


Paul Greene  1:55:28  

yeah, yeah.


Kevin McGarry  1:55:29  

It's very sound guy. Like, you know that blue operators are like,


Paul Greene  1:55:33  

it's true. It's true. They're chompers. Yeah, so Paula FrankenHouser said, "What's your favorite comfort food?"


Kevin McGarry  1:55:41  

If it comfort food I mean, it's a sushi sushi a comfort food?


Paul Greene  1:55:49  

I mean, if it's comforting for you,


Kevin McGarry  1:55:51  

it is comfort but I want like a dirty one. You know, when it's like, you know, I mean we do pizza we've been, you know what we just learned we've been experimenting with like pasta around here doing do a nice big cheesy pasta. It's like yellow spaghetti, boiled spaghetti. dollop of oil, but a tablespoon of pepper. Like, heat up the pepper. Let that toast for a second. Then throw some ricotta cheese in there. But once you


Paul Greene  1:56:16  

have like a, like a, like a Cacio e Pepe kind of those are my favorite.


Kevin McGarry  1:56:20  

I don't know what that is. But yes,  


Paul Greene  1:56:21  

Cacio e Pepe


Kevin McGarry  1:56:22  

I have chili pepper with the ricotta cheese. And then take the take the pasta out, throw it in there. Mix it up, and then some pecorino and then a bit more pepper. that's a that's a nice comfort.


Paul Greene  1:56:34  

That is it's it sounds like a Cacio e Pepe which is tons of pepper and then a bunch of different cheeses and yeah, dependent. It's


Kevin McGarry  1:56:42  

getting compare that way.


Paul Greene  1:56:45  

Yeah, and white. You use white wine in it to


Kevin McGarry  1:56:48  

actually we use lemon. We do a little bit of lemon and butter sometimes in it and then and then we'll drink white wine with it.


Paul Greene  1:56:54  

All right, drinking white wine. Got it. So Pamela Pirkle wants to know when you're going to record Up On Cripple Creek for a single and Chris Oh, wait, oh, it's a joke with Chris directing us in the spoon and we need to both be in it. Okay, it's a joke.


Kevin McGarry  1:57:09  

That was the answer to that is season nine. We get to season nine.  


Paul Greene  1:57:13  

Season nine.Yes. We'll have to do more of those. Alice Gibson wants to know if you're gonna make a CD.


Kevin McGarry  1:57:18  

A like a comedy CD? It's just it's just me telling telling dad jokes. Yes, look for it next next year. It's just me telling dad jokes to one person that I've hired to boo me.


Paul Greene  1:57:33  

No, seriously, though. They they want to know about your music. I see this a serious question.


Kevin McGarry  1:57:38  

I don't you know, I don't we might. I don't know. I don't know if I will or not. Maybe I have no plans to. I think Kayla's got a bunch of really great songs. I think we're, I'd like to help her got to record them and put them out. So we'll see. We'll see if that happens. But not not for now..


Paul Greene  1:57:55  

Okay, got it. Karen Wright wants to know if Does it hurt your feelings when someone says they're Team Lucas.? And Karen says disclaimer, she is Team Nathan all the way. And she's read Hearties posts. And some of them don't say very nice things because they're so passionate. But she does does this make out? Does it? Does it hurt your feelings in any way? Because it's like, it hurts her feelings. Karen writes feelings for you. So she's wondering if it also hurts your feelings.


Kevin McGarry  1:58:23  

I mean, honestly, no one likes to read anything that's like, yeah, I think when that when the line gets blurred a bit, sometimes they're like, well, this is who Kevin is, blah, blah. That can be a little like, whatever I try. Based on the, again, the way that you know, Hallmark selling the season this year, I don't read a lot. I don't I don't go hunting, I don't go down that rabbit hole of like, what are they saying about this or what's going on? I, I just kind of, you know, ignore it. And, you know, it's sick to just kind of get nose to the ground and and, and stick to what I was hired to do. Which was tell the story that was given. And I think Chris is the same. You know, like as me he gets a lot of stuff to where they're bashing Lucas, because of Nathan. I think I think you know, at the end of the day, it really is just entertainment and a sports game. And I I'm happy to be part of something that people are so passionate about. At this time, especially to write I mean, when things are in a bit of a lockdown, and people have something to look forward to on Sundays and if they want to cheer for Lucas and bash, Nathan, like, it's a character and it's a story and you know, you're allowed and it was woven together. Well, I mean, I can't I doubt they thought it was going to go this way. I thought for sure by now. They would have thought there was a clear choice. And I think that they're just like with 5050 like it's it's Yeah, people are so right down the middle on this and both legitimate reasons. Like I mean, you know, it's not like people are just saying anything. There's there's lots of legitimacy so I mean, doesn't matter if it hurts my feelings or not, it's just entertaining.


Paul Greene  2:00:06  

Alright, this questions word for word. Jesus Torres says what? I have to ask this word for word. What is the best thing about working with Paul Greene?  


Kevin McGarry  2:00:16  

Who asked that? Who was the fake name that you put down for aking that?  


Paul Greene  2:00:21  



Kevin McGarry  2:00:22  



Paul Greene  2:00:23  

Jesus Torres


Kevin McGarry  2:00:25  

I would say Paul Greene puts a smile on everyone's face every time he's on set you are out see this is I knew this was gonna come where you're like okay, now we always end my podcast where people say they like me.


Paul Greene  2:00:40  

We are we can edit we can edit this out.


Kevin McGarry  2:00:42  

No, this is great. I think I think you always put a smile on people's faces at least you know when I'm around you you we work together on this show. We've worked together on the Cookie Matchup you know and that was your you know, you you care quite a bit you have a childlike wonder that is that is refreshing to watch. You know? And you're just a nice person


Paul Greene  2:01:09  

thank you that I that there's really no Jeus Torres. That was just for me  


Kevin McGarry  2:01:13  

Wait, what? I take it all back then.


Paul Greene  2:01:17  

This is Jennifer there is there is a Jesus I call them Jesus. And then I realized, oh, his name is Jesus. jenice Jennifer Webster Fine wants to know, what's your favorite? The favorite part for you about being on When Calls the Heart.


Kevin McGarry  2:01:29  

Um, honestly, all the all the friends that I've made. I mean, you know, you included that it's, it's, it's, it's, I mean, well, Kayla. It's my life has gotten better since being on that show. My personal life has gotten better since being on that show. So that's, I mean, the stories are great. I'm happy that there they are. making people happy and giving something seeming entertainment to people on this on the Sundays. But for me, my personal life got better when I met all the actors and friends on that show.


Paul Greene  2:02:01  

Yeah, yeah. No, I agree. That's a big part of it. And it was hard to be away from family and is nice to have a film family that's connected. When you and Chris when you and Chris came on. And we hung out, obviously, because of COVID. We didn't get to hang out a lot. But anytime that we would get to spend some time it like made it easier for me to be away because I'm far away.


Kevin McGarry  2:02:20  

Yeah. All of us. Really. I mean, he was he was you. Let me it was you, Jack myself. We all had to stay in. You know, Vancouver. We had to live there. You guys couldn't go back. You can't see your son. You know, that was  


Paul Greene  2:02:34  

And but yeah, my son was going through some hard stuff at the time too. And I was pretty recently engaged. I mean, not recently  


Kevin McGarry  2:02:40  

What do you mean you're engaged? Does Kate does Kate know you're engaged? Oh No. This took a hard turn at the end.


Paul Greene  2:02:47  

Yes, yes. I just just figured I'd let you know right now  


Kevin McGarry  2:02:51  

just recently engaged.  


Paul Greene  2:02:53  

Recently. Well, not that so it's been a year we got engaged in Italy. So Evelyn, from France says You're hilarious and you're handsome, and talented. Oh, wow. And she's wondering if you're gonna sing a song to Elizabeth.


Kevin McGarry  2:03:10  

You're not gonna see it in season eight. You might see it in season nine. I don't know if I mean if we get a season I don't know if it's in Nathan's care in Nathan's character to grab a guitar and sing. I think it'd be funny because I think he would be really nervous about it. It'd be another fun thing to do but a character that doesn't want to do something and force it to you know, find this inner strength but Erin and I are going to do a song I promise all the people that are wondering if we're gonna sing something we will sing something we plan to do it I stupidly said we were we were doing it on an Entertainment Tonight like segments and and then we both left Vancouver and you know she went stateside and I was include the other side of the country so we just haven't seen each other since then. So regardless what happens in the future we will I will get together and we will sing something.


Paul Greene  2:04:06  

what is the song do you know?


Kevin McGarry  2:04:08  

I can't tell you what the song is. We have a song that was planned. We'll see if it sticks that might change it.


Paul Greene  2:04:15  

Okay. Well Kelly Wright Bean  just got the sweetest cameo from you already. Oh, Kelly Kelly Wright Bean and  


Kevin McGarry  2:04:24  

Wait, was it her birthday? I've done them So recently I think I might know


Paul Greene  2:04:28  

Probably probably I think so. She didn't say what it was for but i i it could have been for her birthday and she wants to know what your favorite movie that you've done and why


Kevin McGarry  2:04:40  

Favorite movie that I've done? Yeah. I don't know. I mean, there's a special part kind of in a special part in all the proper productions. I've done that the my favorite one of the favorite movies was a short film. I did it with a buddy of mine called Dead Weight and it was just kind of fun to play. Kind of a whacked out character. Something different. And work with a friend of mine, you know who's writing and writing at the time. That was fun. And I did a play called Come Back Little Sheba was one of my first major plays. It was kind of a it was written by a guy named William Inge, which was it was it was similar to like, who wrote who wrote A Streetcar Named Desire.  


Paul Greene  2:05:29  

That's a good question? Yes,  


Kevin McGarry  2:05:30  

The Night of the Iguana. It was Tennessee Williams. It's close. It's Yeah, it's it was close to a Tennessee Williams type of play. And I got to just work with some, you know, I had a good enough part but it was just watching these like, giants in these powerhouses every night. Kind of just do it. And I learned a lot on that one. So that was I hold that. That's a special place my heart. That one.


Paul Greene  2:05:53  

Okay, awesome, man. I love your theater. I think it's what makes you a really talented performer too is you're you're you're you know you're trained but you also have you bring a you bring a real depth to your to your work. And  


Kevin McGarry  2:06:06  

Well, thank you.  


Paul Greene  2:06:07  

yeah. Camille just says that you're so great on the show. And she loves you. And Cindy loves you in Heartland and When Calls the Heart and all your movies. And she wants to know, and she wants to know if the two this is Cindy Wolford if she wants to know if the two of us are going to sing together anytime soon.


Kevin McGarry  2:06:30  

I mean, can we do it? I don't know if it would work right now.


Paul Greene  2:06:34  

I would I would love to, but I tried it before. And it sounds like a pile of


Kevin McGarry  2:06:38  

Yeah, I think a buddy of mine does these and you need like a special program to sync up the  


Paul Greene  2:06:43  

Can you find out what that is? Because I've there's so many times when I've wanted to it just


Kevin McGarry  2:06:48  

I think it's an app, man. I'll send it to you. I'll talk to him. Because it's literally like, it's like, hey, meet me on this app. And I think that's with a J, I'll send it to you.


Paul Greene  2:06:56  

We should do that,


Kevin McGarry  2:06:59  

yeah, it's literally you can like record it, whatever. And it just it sets the top. Somebody somebody runs the session, and they set the time. And then you know, you can play.


Paul Greene  2:07:09  

Can you play with each other in sync?


Kevin McGarry  2:07:11  

Yeah, you might need some equipment. But yes, you can.


Paul Greene  2:07:15  

Because there's another app that Instagram just released called Colab. And I think, let me see if I can set something up because I'd love to jam out a couple of songs like that. Wouldn't it be fun? It'd be fun to do it virtually and have it actually work.  


Kevin McGarry  2:07:26  



Paul Greene  2:07:26  

but but no grabbing the guitar.


Kevin McGarry  2:07:28  

Now it would just yeah, it would know all these people would run away. Yeah. Like the the board would go down like or whatever is going on.


Paul Greene  2:07:38  

Well, man, there's 600 more questions, but I want to let you go and just thanks for thank you for popping on I learned I learned a lot about a lot about Kevin that I didn't know and I'm I'm really glad that Kayla came on. Yeah. And we got to see I just I'm really happy for you, man.


Kevin McGarry  2:07:56  

Thanks, buddy. Yeah, well, I'm I'm excited to see you again. And you know, yeah, or in whatever incarnation that can be I don't know what's happening. But


Paul Greene  2:08:06  

yes, and the next thing that you have coming out is this movie. Is there an air time? is it Where can what can people look for?


Kevin McGarry  2:08:13  

no idea I'm doing a movie with say it's Lacey Chabert and I are gonna do a movie. Where it's probably when you turn down. I'm second choice.


Paul Greene  2:08:25  

Great. you have to win. You're gonna love I love in the fans love her. Your movie will do really well. Mostly because of Lacey.


Kevin McGarry  2:08:33  

Yes aI know.  I'm just gonna, I'm just gonna stand where I'm told on my mark. And I'll just let her do her magic and excuse my  


Paul Greene  2:08:41  

Oh, that's great. You have to you have to say hi to her for me. I love working with her.  


Kevin McGarry  2:08:44  

I will.  


Paul Greene  2:08:45  

And you're at Kevin McGarry on all the platforms or how do people find you if they want to follow you?


Kevin McGarry  2:08:51  

I don't know. I think it's Yeah, Kevin McGarry there's an underscore and a W in there. I don't know if it's in the middle. Or if it's behind. I really don't know. It's just look for the blue checkmark. And I've said this on another podcast, I would like to reiterate it for you too. Because it's important. Paul and I are never asking anyone for money. We're never asking wherever it's like setting up a marriage proposal or like you know, a date like if you get a message from either one of us asking you saying we're in trouble, we need some money or you know, or credit. Let's put Chris in there to anybody. I promise you it's not as look for the checkmark, whatever it is, but I there was I had like one or two people like pretending to be me and writing all these things to people and I say my manager called was like, there's this woman that's like, Are you asking her for money? No, I'm not asking some lady for money. I'm fine. So


Paul Greene  2:09:47  

it happens every single day, man. It is so disheartening and yeah. So just look for the blue checkmark and you know, no celebrity or actor is going to ask you for anything like where the trick is or the challenge is we raise money sometimes for things like


Kevin McGarry  2:10:02  

sure but see a video of me saying that you know don't don't don't follow a picture of me with like a blurb saying I'm lost in you know the  


Paul Greene  2:10:13  

South Africa  


Kevin McGarry  2:10:14  

Middle East got it yeah it's not that's not me so


Paul Greene  2:10:18  

well man here's all the best to hear this film and I got you know if the stars align and God willing and the creek don't rise we'll be in Hope Valley  


Kevin McGarry  2:10:28  

we'll see what happens. we'll see what these rate the ratings have been just been doing well so. I don't know.


Paul Greene  2:10:35  

good it was been great to catch up with you.  


Kevin McGarry  2:10:37  

You too, man.  


Paul Greene  2:10:39  

Okay, thanks.


Kevin McGarry  2:10:41  

Peace out.


Paul Greene  2:10:45  

Well, thank you so much for stopping by The Grass Is Greener and I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Kevin. Lots of guests down the pipeline for you. Please let me know in some of the comments who you'd like me to interview. You can find me on social media anywhere as Paulgreeneofficial. If you have some requests you can direct message me and of course there's the music in the background is from Freedom For Your Soul that's on Spotify; you can check that out or iTunes or anywhere really Paul Greene Freedom For Your Soul. This is obviously on iTunes. If you're listening to it here, please subscribe and rate and review and share if you enjoyed it. The video for this will be coming out on my YouTube channel. If you pop over there and subscribe, you'll get notified when I go live, which I do every Friday for some music. I go live on Sundays on Facebook for gospel hour. And this particular podcast will be out this week, first week of April with Kevin and myself because I record these on zoom. And then I adjust the audio so you can hear it at a podcast and we can also see it later as a vid. So thanks again. Hope you enjoyed Kevin McGarry and of course Kayla Wallace. And remember to be kind and gentle and tender and loving towards yourself in your thoughts on purpose. And fear is just the absence of love. Alright, sending you and your family lots of love. And we'll catch you soon. Bye for now.  


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